Panchamrutha launches unique fortified rice

MARGAOPanchamrutha Industries, a well-known name in the field of food products, has on Thursday launched "Panchamrutha Fortified Rice" in Goa at Margao.
Panchamrutha Director Jambulingappa Hosmani informed that Panchamrutha Fortified Rice is unique and unprecedented in the sense that the rice is enriched with vital vitamins and minerals to improve its nutritional content.
“Panchamrutha was launched in 2002 in Goa. Our mantra was 'Ghar Ghar Mey Panchamrutha'. Since then we have gone ahead in a big way. The uniqueness of Panchamrutha is that there is consistency in quality, consistency in price, and consistency in supply,” he said.
He pointed out that the Union government in 2015 had announced the need of producing fortified products to combat malnutrition in the country, Hosmani said “we took it up as a challenge, fortified our rice, and strengthened our network throughout the State.”
He added: “The advantages of this new Fortified Rice are that it improves haemoglobin content, fights anaemia, builds robust immune system and strengthens metabolism. When people purchase Panchamrutha rice, they can see some yellow grains present in the pack. It is because of that yellow grain the rice gets fortified. We have studied the advantages of this yellow grain after subjecting it to various tests.”
He said Panchamrutha Fortified Rice has all the potential to increase the physical health and fitness of the people and thus lead to a healthy society.   

Date: 14-Jan-2023