2020-Trade Changes| Exports
  • Global 2020/21 over the past month, U.S. long-grain export quotes have remained high at $625/ton.
  • Uruguayan 2020/21 quotes continue at $620/ton.
  • Thai 2020/21 quotes escalated to $497/ton on a stronger currency and new inquiries from foreign buyers amid tight Vietnamese supplies.
  • Vietnamese 2020/21 quotes rose with strong domestic demand and then settled lower to at $491/ton on reduced demand from the Philippines.
  • Pakistani2020/21 quotes dipped but then returned to $410/ton, reflecting strong export demand, with the recent harvest.
  • Indian 2020/21 quotes at $355/ton continue to be the lowest among the major exporters, indicating an abundant supply situation.
Date: 14-Dec-2020