‘Exports can help in doubling Indian farmers’ income’
Mumbai: Crop Care Federation of India (CCFI) has in its plea to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered a ‘jugaad’ innovation to double farmers income by 2022 and  sought a target oriented plan to promote the consumption of Indian agriculture produces  globally. CCFI chairman Rajju Shroff said that farm distress comes not from our farmers’ inability to produce; it comes from their failure to sell what they produce. In other words, the attention should shift from production to marketing, he said. “We have been appealing to the Agriculture Ministry, Commerce Ministry and institutions such as APEDA, NITI Aayog over the past few months to arrest the steady decline in India’s agricultural exports and the sharp increase in imports as it delivers a double whammy to Indian farmers,” he said. While imported agricultural commodities such as apples, almonds, kiwi, grapes, wheat and even milk products have relatively easy access to our domestic market, the Indian agricultural commodities face stiff non-tarrif barriers in many developed countries that either refuse or restrict our agri exports, he added. “When countries in the European Union (EU) reject our Basmati rice alleging presence of parts per million levels (ppm) of a pesticide not registered over there, we must test and reject their olive oil citing the same reason,” said Shroff. “An innovative plan to immediately boost India’s agricultural exports is to adopt “preferential imports” of electronics, machineries, aircrafts, fuels, etc only from those countries that allow easy access to our agricultural commodities. It is a new age barter, a quid- pro-quo, to accelerate India’s agricultural economy,” said Shroff.  
Date: 12-Jan-2018