Govt says no change in policy on rice exports

“Fake” notification said non-basmati rice exports “prohibited” from Sept 15 till Nov 30 this year

The Government on Tuesday said it has not changed the policy on rice exports, following a “fake” notification which showed that non-basmati rice exports have been “prohibited” from September 15 till November 30 this year. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) said in a tweet that: “The government has not changed policy for export of rice.” Responding to a query from a Twitter user on the veracity of an official “notification” regarding the “ban” on non-basmati rice exports, the DGFT said the notification was “fake.” The “fake notification”, however, spooked traders and rice industry stakeholders, several of whom thanked the DGFT for the “timely” and “prompt” clarification. One Twitter user, however, said “This (fake notification) is of serious concern. Strict action should be taken against it. This (fake notification) shook the whole rice community.”  
Date: 12-Sep-2017