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Ministry instructs for rice seeds to be sold directly to farmers organisation and rice farmers

PETALING JAYA: The Agriculture and Food Security Ministry has instructed that rice seeds be sold directly to Regional Farmers’ Organisation (PPK) and farmers from Oct 11, 2023, to ensure sufficient supply for the planting season.

Deputy Agriculture and Food Security Minister Datuk Chan Foong Hin said the ministry is ensuring an abundant supply of legal rice seeds and controlling their pricing.

In addition, he said the approval process for 12 legal rice seed producers has been put in place, based on set SOPs, before the seeds reach the farmers.

“A further boost came with the approval of an additional quota of 112,260 seed trowels of 20kg on Nov 10, specifically for the states of Kedah and Perlis,” he said in a statement on Saturday (Nov 11).

The ministry also seeks to guarantee reasonable pricing for rice seeds, setting a maximum selling price of RM40 per 20 kg seed trowels at the producing company and RM45 at the retail price.

This decision was enacted through the Director General’s Standing Order number 6/2023 to counter potential price manipulation.

In a move towards greater transparency, he said legal rice seeds, specifically for the CL220 variety, that are packaged with specific poisons, must now be sold separately.

The price for this variety has been set at the same maximum levels.

He said constant monitoring and enforcement are being prioritised to ensure price compliance.

He added that the Task Force OP BPS has been activated in the Northern Zone, specifically in the states of Kedah and Perlis, since Nov 7, 2023.

He said 20 retailers selling legal rice seeds (BPS) above the government-set price had been identified, and their licences were immediately revoked.

Under the Control of Paddy and Rice Act 1994 (Act 522), the Ministry holds the power to cancel or suspend the licenses of any parties found in breach of the rules.

He reiterated that the Ministry is seriously considering all submitted complaints and is working hard to ensure the supply and price of legal rice seeds remain reasonable and sustainable.

The required annual supply of legal rice seed is 72,000 metric tons or 3.6 million seed trowels. QR Code

Published Date: November 11, 2023

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