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Rice News Today created to provide an ultimate & dynamic resource of daily rice news, weekly prices, imports, exports & production statistics among the major players in the rice trade covering most important rice varieties that are in the trade.

RNT is backed by a team of rice trade professionals, brokers and rice millers from the most active countries involved in the physical rice trading.

We, are running RNT as an independent company and maintaining a rice dedicated website under the name & style of Rice News Today. Through, the company, we are not involved into any rice trading or rice business and will never take any physical position in the rice trading or rice business.

Our global rice price assessment being provided at RNT website is based on the physical business done through contracts | firm offers |as well as based at our own assessment on the real market in real time.

The RNT’s main objectives are:

To provide our viewers & audience, the most authentic, reliable & current information on rice at One-Place, easily accessible to rice trade participants & rice community.

To facilitate rice traders globally, in terms of providing them One-Place resource to help them ascertain the real picture of the market to conduct their day to day rice business by understanding through links at RNT. These highly rich links providing information on various and rapidly changing scenario in the World of rice trade.

To provide a platform to new comers in the rice trade to help them providing an authentic resource to understand the global rice market & trade to attain their vision & goals in the rice trade.

To achieve our aim and to win our valued visitor’s trust and expectation, we will keep expanding contents of our website to peruse our goal to make it “most valuable – rice dedicated resource”

All the news and data at RNT website providing back-to-back source link ensuring our transparency, impartiality and reliability.

Rice News Today may be browsed for global rice news, global rice prices, various rice analyses, standards, regulations on rice, covering major events in the World of rice and much more.

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