Global Rice News
25-Nov-2022 Punjab’s fortified rice manufacturers seek premium over fix
25-Nov-2022 Basmati: losing traditional markets?
25-Nov-2022 Researchers in Thailand developing new strain of rice to survive
25-Nov-2022 Nestle, Riceland partner on sustainable rice program
25-Nov-2022 Climate change to drastically cut Indonesia’s rice, coffee
25-Nov-2022 Tight supplies lift Vietnam rice rates to 16-month high
25-Nov-2022 Rice millers vow to shut down factories if new power tariff not t
24-Nov-2022 China to continue cooperation with Pakistan to evolve high yield
23-Nov-2022 Basmati prices escalate in Haryana as market widens
23-Nov-2022 South Korea passes in tender for 50,500 T rice from US, re-tender
23-Nov-2022 Azerbaijan removes cd on rice import from Pakistan
23-Nov-2022 Japan farmers shift from rice to feed crops as price of imported
23-Nov-2022 Egypt Issues Decree to Regulate the Price and Quantities of Rice
22-Nov-2022 Thai farmers use derelict Cold War airbase to dry rice crop
22-Nov-2022 Local Rice Farmers Strongly Protest Govt Rice Import Projection
22-Nov-2022 Cambodian rice beats Hom Mali for top spot.
22-Nov-2022 Flooding stops rice farmers sowing next crop in southern New Sout
22-Nov-2022 Rice harvesting near completion in Punjab
21-Nov-2022 Indian farmers sow more wheat, rice and slow down on lentils, pul
21-Nov-2022 Rice is one of the key strategic crops for food security and a so
21-Nov-2022 Cultivating rice with aquatic animals naturally boosts production
21-Nov-2022 Canadian market suitable for Pakistani textile, rice products
20-Nov-2022 China ships more rice, sugar and plastic bags to N. Korea as expo
20-Nov-2022 Rice exporters fear big drop in shipments after floods
19-Nov-2022 Preah Vihear governor urges farmers to produce more organic rice
18-Nov-2022 Indian rice prices climb on higher demand
17-Nov-2022 CSIR develops improved climate smart rice varieties 
17-Nov-2022 Govt may review blanket ban on broken rice exports if procurement
17-Nov-2022 Global demand, low inventories push Basmati paddy prices.
17-Nov-2022 ‘PH close to achieving P20/kilo rice’
17-Nov-2022 Ctg port gets new terminal after 15 years, rice-laden vessel unlo
17-Nov-2022 Cause for concern. Growth in Indian rice procurement slows in No
17-Nov-2022 Finding more sustainable ways to cultivate rice crops
17-Nov-2022 India’s rice exports to fall by 1.5 mt to USDA
16-Nov-2022 Unprocessed rice imports from Cambodia eyed by Philippines
16-Nov-2022 Chinese hybrid rice offers solution to global food shortage: mini
16-Nov-2022 USA Rice Outlines Annual Trade Barriers for USTR to Address in 20
16-Nov-2022 How do India’s protectionist rice export restrictions affect th
15-Nov-2022 IFAD-VCDP issues farming implements…
15-Nov-2022 Crunching numbers. Rice procurement in Haryana climbs to 38 lakh
15-Nov-2022 S.Korea’s rice output falls in 2022.
14-Nov-2022 Interpreting Sri Lanka’s Organic Farming Failure
14-Nov-2022 Lahore Grain Market Rates
14-Nov-2022 Rice price subsidy slashed by THB80bn as market price rises
14-Nov-2022 Lanka to learn from China new ways to increase rice production
14-Nov-2022 35-hectare rice field project for Kanuma village
14-Nov-2022 Farmer urged to restore rice lost to floods without delay
13-Nov-2022 Prices Of Rice Soar In Jos Markets – Survey
13-Nov-2022 This Is The World’s Most Popular Variety Of Rice
11-Nov-2022 NASC Seeks Farmers’ Adoption Of Flood-Tolerant Rice Varieties 
11-Nov-2022 Asia rice: Vietnam rates climb as traders eye year-end demand boo
11-Nov-2022 Rice stocks: what does bank borrowing suggest?
11-Nov-2022 Typhoon-stricken BARMM farmers get rice seeds
10-Nov-2022 Basmati exports jump 37% in first half of FY23
10-Nov-2022 FG boosts rice production in North Central
10-Nov-2022 Rice millers bemoan impact of flood
09-Nov-2022 Momauk residents struggle with rice harvest under siege… 
09-Nov-2022 Corporate Social Responsibility: SSM College donates rice to need
08-Nov-2022 Drought-tolerant Basmati rice variety notified for release
08-Nov-2022 Rice exports: are good times over?
08-Nov-2022 Anti-smog action may delay wheat sowing in rice belt
08-Nov-2022 Farmers in China, Uganda move to high-yielding, cost-saving peren
07-Nov-2022 Cambodia to export more milled rice to China in coming years
07-Nov-2022 Jakarta to be Flooded with Rice Stock, National Food Agency Head
07-Nov-2022 Fertilizer vouchers eyed to boost rice production
07-Nov-2022 In Punjab’s paddy fields, farmers hail a new low-cost, high-yie
07-Nov-2022 VIETNAM OCT RICE EXPORTS AT 713,546 TONNES, UP 22.3% M/M –
06-Nov-2022 Thailand’s rice exports boom – earnings rising 36% to 95.
05-Nov-2022 Pakistan’s rice exports to China crosses historical figure
04-Nov-2022 FAO Food Price Index Steady in October, While Fertilizer Prices i
03-Nov-2022 Native varieties, new perspectives
03-Nov-2022 Indonesia Discontinues Rice Imports As A Form Of Trade Protection
03-Nov-2022 Rice from space promises robust new varieties
02-Nov-2022 Vietnamese rice prices surpass Thailand’s in global markets
02-Nov-2022 Kerala scouts for AP rice in bid to cool down prices…
02-Nov-2022 PAU’s rice variety PR 126 a hit among farmers
02-Nov-2022 Govt allows rice exports backed by already issued letters of cred
02-Nov-2022 India allows rice exports backed by already issued letters of cre
01-Nov-2022 South Korea tenders to buy 50,500 tonnes rice from U.S.- traders
01-Nov-2022 Arakan State farmers fret over likely decline in rice production
01-Nov-2022 Government steps into control rice price
01-Nov-2022 India allows rice exports backed by already issued letters of cre
31-Oct-2022 HAFED gets export orders for 20000 ton Basmati rice
30-Oct-2022 Rice harvest in Yangon, Myanmar
29-Oct-2022 Basmati 1121 attracts exporters to Fazilka mandi
28-Oct-2022 2,500 tonnes of Arakan State-grown rice to be exported to Banglad
28-Oct-2022 Indian rice prices higher
28-Oct-2022 Devastating floods cause 5 percent cut in Pakistan’s rice expor
27-Oct-2022 CRF explores UAE market to expand export of milled rice
27-Oct-2022 Indonesia’s rice production estimated at 32 million tonnes this
27-Oct-2022 Rice sector stands a chance to boost value thanks to by-products
27-Oct-2022 Russia Looking to Increase Rice Imports from Pakistan
27-Oct-2022 Latest study recognizes India Gate as the world’s no. 1 bas
26-Oct-2022 Dusit first to offer organic rice at its Thailand properties
26-Oct-2022 Sri Lanka President relaxes broken rice imports for animal feed
26-Oct-2022 Vietnam Jan-Oct rice exports seen up 17.2% y/y at 6.07mn tonnes
26-Oct-2022 Grain Market Review: Rice
25-Oct-2022 Rice seen hitting N50,000/bag as floods ravage farms
25-Oct-2022 Farmers in Narowal burning stubble of rice crop despite ban
25-Oct-2022 Big progress in sustainable rice cultivation
25-Oct-2022 Explainer: How recent floods will impact price of a bag of rice
24-Oct-2022 Five new varieties to expand India’s Basmati platter
24-Oct-2022 Rice farmers to benefit from new herbicide-tolerant rice system t
24-Oct-2022 Dusit Hotels and Resorts in Thailand offer 100% organic rice 
24-Oct-2022 Rice exporters unhappy with govt over being neglected in fixed en
24-Oct-2022 High rice yield recorded in east China’s demonstration farm
23-Oct-2022 Rice Market Update: Challenges Abound to Market New Crop…
23-Oct-2022 India rice export curbs to end a decade of price stability
23-Oct-2022 Rice exporters get advantage
23-Oct-2022 State takes up cultivation of at least 25 indigenous varieties of
22-Oct-2022 Ban on rice export continues in Egypt to cover local needs
22-Oct-2022 PM gives 500 tonnes of rice to flood-hit families
21-Oct-2022 Dusit to offer 100% organic rice at its properties
21-Oct-2022 India rice export curbs to end a decade of price stability
21-Oct-2022 Rice fields in California look more like dust fields thanks to dr
21-Oct-2022 Analysis: India rice export curbs to end a decade of price stabil
21-Oct-2022 Australia backs over AU$5 million for rice production in Mekong D
21-Oct-2022 Rice season kicks off in wet conditions
20-Oct-2022 Dusit Hotels and Resorts becomes first hotel chain in Thailand to
20-Oct-2022 Butter, beef and basmati: The supermarket staples driving up cost
20-Oct-2022 Food exports surge by 5.70% in Q1 FY23
20-Oct-2022 Rwanda to increase scale of land for rice production
20-Oct-2022 India’s rice farmers find themselves on front line of water cri
20-Oct-2022 Giant rice’ supersizes yields in rural Guizhou
19-Oct-2022 China urges farmers to consider new variety of perennial rice
19-Oct-2022 India’s rice exports expected to decline
18-Oct-2022 Rice farmers continue to struggle with low selling prices and hig
18-Oct-2022 PhilRice boasts of 18 high-yielding rice varieties
18-Oct-2022 Floods likely to set back main rice harvest
18-Oct-2022 Govt says rising wheat, rice prices ‘normal’, assures
18-Oct-2022 High rice yield recorded in demonstration farmland
17-Oct-2022 High rice yield recorded in east China’s demonstration farm
17-Oct-2022 Revisiting Sri Lanka’s abrupt shift to organic farming
17-Oct-2022 Kandhamal residents irk over supply of substandard PDS rice
16-Oct-2022 Tamil Nadu giving poor quality rice, says Union Food Minister; St
16-Oct-2022 New high-yielding rice seed to be available from next sowing seas
15-Oct-2022 Xiaozhan rice harvested in N China’s Tianjin
15-Oct-2022 African wild rice genes help perennial rice to halve its producti
14-Oct-2022 Asia rice: Thai rates slip on weaker baht, lower demand
14-Oct-2022 Perennial rice incorporates African wild rice genes and halves pr
14-Oct-2022 India allows broken rice exports
14-Oct-2022 Vigil up on state-UP border along Karnal to check arrival of PDS
13-Oct-2022 Contracts inked to buy 2,500 tonnes of organic rice
13-Oct-2022 Top Headlines: Byju’s to lay off 2,500 staffers, broken ric
13-Oct-2022 Output of salt-tolerant rice breaks new record in China, reaching
13-Oct-2022 WASDE Rice: Unchanged Domestic Use, Lower Exports
13-Oct-2022 India allows broken rice exports backed by already issued LCs
13-Oct-2022 Rice millers’ association starts dharna
12-Oct-2022 Global Markets: Rice – Rising Competition in Core U.S. Market,
12-Oct-2022 China’s sea-rice yield achieves new high
12-Oct-2022 Global rice prices are now at an 18-month high
11-Oct-2022 Govt supplies PDS rice directly to bypass overcharging fair price
11-Oct-2022 Cambodia’s milled rice export nets $287 million in 1st 9 month
11-Oct-2022 India’s rice farmers, exporters feel impact of cooling measures
11-Oct-2022 Telangana govt’s free rice scheme benefits poor
11-Oct-2022 Options for Pakistan’s rice exports
11-Oct-2022 Rice production: Japan-funded proderip faces smuggling challenges
11-Oct-2022 Agricultural Modernization Boost Economic Development In Northeas
10-Oct-2022 Bacterial Blight-resistant Varieties of Basmati Rice Developed
10-Oct-2022 India’s rice farmers, exporters feel impact of cooling measures
10-Oct-2022 Rice farmers urged to use irrigation method
09-Oct-2022 Japan looks to rice flour as food security fears rise
09-Oct-2022 Pakistan poised to achieve rice export target
09-Oct-2022 Parboiled idli rice exports take a hit 
08-Oct-2022 SKUAST-Jammu organises Rice Field Day
08-Oct-2022 Innovative rice cultivation sees bumper harvest in SW China.
08-Oct-2022 Rice production to fall by 2% this year: Statistics Korea
08-Oct-2022 Arkansas Rice: Harvest Winding Down; Preliminary Performance Tria
07-Oct-2022 Rice insecurity: The depletion of groundwater resources…
07-Oct-2022 Gov’t to buy 450,000 tons of rice for reserves on price dro
07-Oct-2022 China’s smart farming revives traditional rice brand
07-Oct-2022 Duty relief for rice exporters in Gujarat
07-Oct-2022 Asia rice: steady demand lifts Vietnam rates
06-Oct-2022 BENEO opens additional rice starch production line
06-Oct-2022 Brands help Vietnamese rice enter more global markets
05-Oct-2022 Thai rice exports could reach 8mn tonnes this year despite floods
05-Oct-2022 Organic farming for sustainable crop production in J&K
05-Oct-2022 Vietnam’s world’s best rice gets trademark in Australia
05-Oct-2022 Engineering Researcher Part of USDA Project Quantifying ‘Cl
05-Oct-2022 Rice shipment brings relief to shortage-hit Comoros
05-Oct-2022 Thai rice exports could reach 8 million tonnes this year despite
05-Oct-2022 Flooding impacting rice production in Pakistan
04-Oct-2022 Thailand boosts cross-border trade, G2G rice deals
04-Oct-2022 Sale and Use of Insecticides for Basmati Rice Banned in Noida
04-Oct-2022 Bangladesh’s rice farmers tap underground ‘reservoirs’
03-Oct-2022 Adani Ports maintains annual cargo volume…
03-Oct-2022 Gov’t to Purchase Total of 900,000 Tons of Rice to Stabiliz
03-Oct-2022 PHL rice imports breach 2.9 MMT; top 2021 data
03-Oct-2022 Karnal: Despite downpour direct seeded rice suffers less damage
03-Oct-2022 Forecast of heavy rains in October raises concern about India’s
02-Oct-2022 Paddy procurement likely to begin today in Alappuzha
02-Oct-2022 Dr Razzaque: Extension of rice over 30 maund yield per bigha is n
02-Oct-2022 Reap chairman asks peers to go for value addition
30-Sep-2022 Typhoon Karding farm damage to jack up rice, vegetable prices: De
30-Sep-2022 Asia rice: Thai rates gain on fresh orders, rupee dive trims Indi
30-Sep-2022 Sindh rice crop: separating fact from speculation
30-Sep-2022 ‘Floods have destroyed 30pc of rice crop’