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May 2024

Startup Promises Solution to Rice Farming’s Methane Problem

Do you know that rice farming contributes to global methane emissions? Yes, it is true and about 10% of methane worldwide is attributed through the practice. The flooded fields for traditional rice farming create a condition in which methane is produced. Hence, the greenhouse gas accelerates global warming.

However, there are ways to overcome the methane emission issue. One of the best ways is to alternate wetting and drying techniques. But many farmers hesitate to adopt the practice. A startup called Rize has come up with a strategy to incentivize farmers and simultaneously make a meaningful impact on reducing the emissions.

Lately, the startup has raised $14 million in Series A funding from notable investors like Breakthrough Energy Ventures, GenZero, Temasek and Wavemaker Impact. It is learned that the fresh capital will fuel the mission of Rize to promote sustainability in rice farming.

The approach of Rize lies in promoting alternate wetting and drying method and this involves drying out rice paddies periodically during the growing season. The practice is believed to be reducing the emissions significantly.

However, it is not easy to convince the farmers. Rize is offering farmers essential agricultural supplies like seeds, fertilizers and pesticides at a lower cost to make them follow the wetting and drying method. Rize can manage the push by purchasing the supplies in bulk at wholesale prices and distribute to the farmers at a discounted price compared to the market price.

Wavemaker Impact founding partner Marie Cheong supported the concept of incentivizing farmers stating that change in behavior can be witnessed. Rize has carefully researched the sector and engaged with farmers to identify the key motivations like improving yield, increasing sales prices and accessing cheaper inputs. QR Code

Published Date: May 11, 2024

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