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King comes to the rescue of struggling rice farmers in Popel

One of the tractors provided by King Norodom Sihamoni to the villagers of Popel commune in Kampong Chhnang province. Ministry of Interior

King Norodom Sihamoni has provided four tractors and donated $5 each to farmers of Popel commune in Kampong Chhnang province to speed up their paddy cultivation during the rainy season.

The King also distributed 25kg of rice noodles and other daily essentials, including canned fish and fish brine, to 234 families of the Popel commune in Boribor district of Kampong Chhnang province. The children also received a surprise Royal gift of $2.5 each.

Kong Sam Ol, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Royal Palace, handed over the tractors as he visited the farmers on behalf of the King to monitor the progress in farming.

Sam Ol, also the representative of the King, shared the details of the King’s assistance to the struggling farmers of Popel commune.

Sam Ol said that the King’s humanitarian gesture will help the farmers who have started ploughing the fields in a slow pace to speed up their work and it will make their cultivation easier than before. The donation of tractors and money shows the King’s thoughtfulness to improve the lives of the poor people.

Popel commune chief Chea Sobon said yesterday that the King always assists the farmers and other communes in Boribo district had already benefitted from the tractors the King had provided them.

Sobon said, “Farmers in Popel commune are grateful to the King for providing them with tractors as it will speed up their work by 60 to 70%. Previously they were using  cattle to plough their paddy field. Once the ploughing is done, the tractors will be sent back to the Royal Palace.”

Thanking the King for providing tractors, Thoeun Saroth, 36, said that it will benefit the families who have been struggling without cattle to plough their rice fields. Some farmers take tractors on rental basis to speed up their farm work.

“I want to thank both the King and Kong Sam Ol for helping farmers in Popel commune. I wish the King long life and prosperity,” she added. QR Code

Published Date: June 8, 2023

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