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June 2024

BRRI scientists discover two novel rice varieties

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Bangladeshi scientists at the Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) in Gazipur have introduced two revolutionary high-protein rice varieties. This innovation was announced at the 111th meeting of the National Seed Board on January 9, where the new varieties were named ‘BRRI Dhan 107’ and ‘BRRI Dhan 108’. 

These innovations mark a significant milestone for BRRI, which has successfully developed 115 rice varieties, showing its commitment to agricultural advancements.

‘BRRI Dhan 107’, a Boro rice derived from the Ufshi Balam variety, stands out with an impressive average height of 103 cm when fully grown. With an average lifespan of 143 days, this variety boasts broad, erect, and vibrant green leaves. 

The potential yield is noteworthy, averaging at 8.19 tonnes per hectare and reaching up to 9.57 tons per hectare under favourable conditions. The rice’s nutritional profile is equally remarkable, containing 29.1 per cent amylase and 10.2 per cent protein. 

With a weight of 26.1 grams for a thousand nutritious rice grains, ‘BRRI Dhan 107’ promises a slender, tidy, and nutritionally dense grain, elevating the standards of rice cultivation.

The mastermind behind the innovation of ‘BRRI Dhan 107’ is Abdul Quader, the Chief Scientific Officer of BRRI’s Plant Breeding Department. He said confidently, “We expect farmers to quickly embrace this variety because of its substantial protein content of 10.02 percent.

In contrast to other rice types with protein levels ranging from 6 to 8 percent, we consider this a high-protein-rich variant.” The potential impact of this variety on agricultural productivity and nutritional value positions it as a game-changer in rice cultivation.

Following closely is ‘BRRI Dhan 108’, led by ASM Masuduzzaman, the Chief Scientific Officer of the Plant Breeding Department at BRRI. With an average plant height of 102 cm upon full maturity and a lifespan of 150 days, this variety showcases erect and dark green leaves.

Notably high-yielding, it delivers an average of 8.7 tons per hectare, promising increased benefits for farmers. The nutritional content of ‘BRRI Dhan 108’ is equally impressive, boasting a protein content of 8.8 percent.

The rice grains are characterised by their medium, long, and slender structure, appearing neat and white. According to Masuduzzaman, this variety offers a delectable taste and ensures an enhanced yield per hectare, providing a win-win situation for farmers.

As these high-protein rice types become a part of farming, BRRI’s dedication to innovation and meeting the nutritional requirements of the Bangladeshi people stays strong. The launch of ‘BRRI Rice 107’ and ‘BRRI Rice 108’ not only showcases scientific expertise but also has the potential to change the rice cultivating industry in Bangladesh. QR Code

Published Date: January 24, 2024

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