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30-Sep-2022 Typhoon Karding farm damage to jack up rice, vegetable prices: De
30-Sep-2022 Asia rice: Thai rates gain on fresh orders, rupee dive trims Indi
30-Sep-2022 Sindh rice crop: separating fact from speculation
30-Sep-2022 ‘Floods have destroyed 30pc of rice crop’
29-Sep-2022 Rice farmers doing fantastic job in Nigeria – UN
29-Sep-2022 China imports less glutinous rice from Vietnam
29-Sep-2022 Rice prices set to rise as high input costs dampen farm output
29-Sep-2022 Govt allows export of broken rice shipments in transit till Oct 1
28-Sep-2022 Liberia: The Global Food Crisis Necessitating Increment in Rice o
28-Sep-2022 Why millets are better than rice, wheat or your breakfast cereal
28-Sep-2022 “Weedy Rice” Develops Herbicide Resistance…
27-Sep-2022 Zhangma early-ripening rice is on the boil
27-Sep-2022 Three new basmati rice varieties show high yield
27-Sep-2022 Rice yield in N. China’s Inner Mongolia achieves late academici
27-Sep-2022 Chinese agriculture company to donate hybrid rice seeds to Pakist
27-Sep-2022 Major rice traders admit to duping consumers by selling fake Mini
27-Sep-2022 Indian rice exporters urge to extend export ban deadline to avoid
26-Sep-2022 China Harvest Season: New rice cultivation method aims to ensure
26-Sep-2022 Low-carbon rice production helps Vietnam meet emission targets
26-Sep-2022 Cambodia donates 6,000 tonnes of rice to Cuba
26-Sep-2022 More R&D encouraged to increase agricultural productivity
26-Sep-2022 India’s control on rice exports, new orders from Iraq a boon fo
26-Sep-2022 Asia rice india rates near 18 month high
25-Sep-2022 View of paddy fields at rice planting demonstration zone in north
25-Sep-2022 Razzaque calls for increasing rice production to meet domestic de
25-Sep-2022 Transition to Low-Carbon Rice Will Help Vietnam Meet Its Emission
25-Sep-2022 Rice Market Update:
24-Sep-2022 Haryana: Farmers suffer as Arhtiyas hold an indefinite strike aga
24-Sep-2022 Delta govt worries as farmer loses over N70 million rice farm to
24-Sep-2022 No viable options: farmers in Punjab forced to persist with paddy
23-Sep-2022 Harvest Festival: Smart agricultural technology demonstrated at e
23-Sep-2022 Don’t go for blanket duty levy on non-basmati rice exports: FTC
23-Sep-2022 Bangladesh, Cambodia table idea of free trade deal to boost rice
23-Sep-2022 Govt asked to halt rice imports as local harvest starts in Oct
23-Sep-2022 Domestic Rice Prices May Continue To Increase …
22-Sep-2022 20% duty on non-basmati rice variants will hit exports: FTCCI 
22-Sep-2022 Balanced fertilization: A fulcrum for sustainable production of m
21-Sep-2022 Diffculties in rehabilitating farmland after floods:
21-Sep-2022 Rice dwarfing virus threatens Indian yields
21-Sep-2022 Rice, Wheat Push Up The Inflation
21-Sep-2022 Sri Lanka mulls using imported rice for animal feed to keep farmg
21-Sep-2022 Rice dwarfing virus threatens Indian yields
21-Sep-2022 Govt extends deadline for export of broken rice to ease port cong
20-Sep-2022 Following Rice Export Ban, Over 20 Shipments Stuck At Ports: Repo
20-Sep-2022 Rice prices may increase by P4 per kilogram or higher, farmers gr
20-Sep-2022 Cambodia earns over 544 mln USD from exports of rubber, rice in f
19-Sep-2022 Rice farmers urge restoration of NFA’s regulatory powers.
19-Sep-2022 Rice imports as of Sept. 8 exceed 2021 volume
19-Sep-2022 India’s rice export ban: The Asian countries set to be hit hard
18-Sep-2022 China’s rice imports jump over 42% in Jan-Aug amid low pric
18-Sep-2022 Eating rice will be expensive! Due to less sowing, the production
18-Sep-2022 Explained | The ban on the export of broken rice
17-Sep-2022 Floods damage non-basmati rice crop
17-Sep-2022 India’s broken rice export ban criticised by the US, EU, Senega
16-Sep-2022 All, except farmers, profit from paddy farming
15-Sep-2022 KOICA, MOFA holds training in Ghana on improved rice production
15-Sep-2022 Govt to import another nine lakh tonnes of rice
15-Sep-2022 Sri Lanka may halt rice imports to maintain farmgate paddy prices
15-Sep-2022 The math behind the rice export ban
15-Sep-2022 India’s rice exports set to fall as duty makes shipments expens
14-Sep-2022 India’s rice exports set to fall 25% as levy make shipments exp
14-Sep-2022 Devastating floods in Pakistan to cause food security crisis.
14-Sep-2022 Cambodia’s rice exports up over 13% in eight months
14-Sep-2022 Hyderabad: FP shops selling only rice to cash in on growing deman
13-Sep-2022 Soldiers dispatched to harvest rice in flooded areas
13-Sep-2022 Rice jumps 5pc after Indian export curbs
13-Sep-2022 KRBL surges 17% in two days on heavy volumes; stock hits over 3-y
13-Sep-2022 India Restricts Rice Exports
13-Sep-2022 As Pakistan floods and India curbs rice exports, Africa braces fo
13-Sep-2022 Amid controversies, Centre asks states to organise awareness camp
12-Sep-2022 India’s rice export curbs paralyse trade in Asia as prices rise
12-Sep-2022 Why India’s food bowl is struggling to abandon chemical farming
12-Sep-2022 This Scheme Will Allow Distribution of Fortified Rice Under PDS
12-Sep-2022 India’s rice export curbs paralyse trade in Asia as prices
12-Sep-2022 Centre pushes for higher agri exports to Qatar after rice export
12-Sep-2022 How A Major Threat To Rice Crops Is Gaining Resilience
11-Sep-2022 Cambodia’s rice exports up over 13 percent in first eight month
11-Sep-2022 J’khand govt to roll out scheme to distribute fortified rice un
11-Sep-2022 World rice prices feared to soar as Indian exports capped’
11-Sep-2022 Global food supply faces turmoil with rice set to climb: Reports
10-Sep-2022 How Rice Afrika is using technology to increase rice yield
10-Sep-2022 Hyderabad: Ministers slam Centre over rice export ban
09-Sep-2022 Govt imposes 20% export duty on non-basmati rice shipments, to hi
09-Sep-2022 India, the world’s top rice exporter, just slapped a 20% ta
09-Sep-2022 Kharif rice production might slip by 10 mn tonnes due to drought:
09-Sep-2022 Climate change is hurting India’s rice crop
08-Sep-2022 Thailand targets higher rice exports of 7.5 mln tonnes this year
08-Sep-2022 Top Rice Exporter India Curbs Shipments in Threat to Inflation
08-Sep-2022 Pakistan’s rice paddies face ‘extreme’ heat stress risk by
07-Sep-2022 North Korea Turns to India for Rice Amid Food Shortages
06-Sep-2022 UP govt seeks report  on shortfall in sowing  of paddy, other c
06-Sep-2022 Ample world rice supplies to cushion impact of Pakistan, China cr
06-Sep-2022 Prices of rice and pulses increase in Peshawar
05-Sep-2022 Vietnam and Thailand cooperate to boost rice prices in global mar
05-Sep-2022 Capacity building in modern rice cultivation for Katsina farmers
04-Sep-2022 Valuable crops of rice, cotton, vegetables destroyed, says Memon
03-Sep-2022 Rising Salinity Threatens Rice Crops on Southeast Asia’s Sinkin
02-Sep-2022 Indian rice prices jump on sound demand
02-Sep-2022 Deadly Pakistan Flooding Brings Destruction to Rice, Cotton Crops
01-Sep-2022 India May Limit Rice Exports. Bad Idea.
01-Sep-2022 Steps being taken to distribute single boiled rice: Puducherry Mi
01-Sep-2022 Subsidised rice for 1.5cr poor
31-Aug-2022 Lack of finance prevents Bangladesh farmers from diversifying the
31-Aug-2022 Poor rainfall in major rice producing states of UP, Bihar and Ben
30-Aug-2022 Centre has no plans as of now to curb rice exports, says report
30-Aug-2022 Centre has no plans as of now to curb rice exports, says report
30-Aug-2022 Indigenous paddy varieties by the women farmers of Bengal
30-Aug-2022 N. Korea to buy 10,000 tons of rice from India
29-Aug-2022 Bangladesh to import rice from Vietnam and India to replenish res
29-Aug-2022 What’s behind rice stunting in India? Researchers pin down viru
29-Aug-2022 Drones are reshaping how rice is farmed in Vietnam
28-Aug-2022 India In-Focus — India considers curbs on exports of 100% broke
27-Aug-2022 China’s early rice output increase by 0.4 percent in 2022
27-Aug-2022 Paddy acreage deficit goes down from 15% to 6% in a span of 14 da
26-Aug-2022 “Drought, Watchword of the Week,” While India May Curb Some R
26-Aug-2022 India considers curbs on exports of 100% broken rice
25-Aug-2022 Reducing ASEAN’s food import dependency
23-Aug-2022 Haryana basmati exporters seek lower market levies
23-Aug-2022 Rice-producing areas rev up drought relief
23-Aug-2022 Agricultural restructuring policy contributes to rise in Vietnam
23-Aug-2022 Rs350m okayed for rice research
22-Aug-2022 China Focus: Major rice-producing province revs up drought relief
22-Aug-2022 Bangladesh issues tender to buy 50,000 tonnes rice
22-Aug-2022 Shipment from Vietnam aboveboard – rice importer
22-Aug-2022 ERA makes Basmathi rice accessible to all, offers chance to win a
21-Aug-2022 China Focus: Major rice-producing province revs up drought relief
21-Aug-2022 Women farmers of Bengal’s Jhargram reap fortunes with organic r
21-Aug-2022 Rice Market Update: Iraq Completes MOU Purchase.
20-Aug-2022 Nepal’s rice farmers brace for loss over lack of rains, fertili
19-Aug-2022 T. Narsipura farmer to display rice varieties at Delhi expo
19-Aug-2022 Asia rice: Supply concerns lift Indian rates
18-Aug-2022 Centre projects record production of rice
18-Aug-2022 Rice VEC Of PARC Recommends 10 New Verities Of Hybrid Seeds For C
18-Aug-2022 Sindh Govt To Help Set Up Rice Export Zones In Province
17-Aug-2022 Rice might pricier as erratic rains hold back sowing across state
17-Aug-2022 Gov’t likely to hike special loan to rice sector
17-Aug-2022 Rice exported from Guyana free of pesticides – Agri Minister as
16-Aug-2022 Insecurity, Poor Regulations Responsible For High Cost Of Rice
16-Aug-2022 Understanding the health benefits of parboiled rice
16-Aug-2022 Rice millers, traders cash in on diesel price hike
16-Aug-2022 Sri Lanka faces looming food crisis with stunted rice crop
16-Aug-2022 Indonesia’s rice reserves secured until year’s end
15-Aug-2022 Potential of solar-powered pumps to water rainfed rice fields
15-Aug-2022 Rice Stock Adequate for Next Two Years Before Export: Jokowi
15-Aug-2022 PHL seen to import record 3.2-MMT rice in ’22
15-Aug-2022 Rice prices go up again in Bangladesh
14-Aug-2022 SRI will work for Ghana to achieve self-sufficiency in rice produ
14-Aug-2022 Mountain districts face shortage of rice
13-Aug-2022 Punjab bans use of 10 insecticides for basmati crop
13-Aug-2022 New rice variety released to farmers
12-Aug-2022 Hybrid rice seeds harvested in Guizhou, SW China
12-Aug-2022 Fortified rice under public distribution completes one year, chec
12-Aug-2022 Basmati rice exports up 26 per cent in April-June to $1.15 billio
12-Aug-2022 Rice harvested in Jingzi Township, China’s Hunan
11-Aug-2022 Research Efforts to Provide Better Picture of Watergrass Issues i
11-Aug-2022 Nepal girds for rice shortage amid delayed monsoon rains, fertili
11-Aug-2022 Boiled rice delivery permitted from Telangana
10-Aug-2022 The International Symposium on Rice Functional Genomics
10-Aug-2022 Non-basmati rice sown on 96% area under paddy cultivation in Ludh
10-Aug-2022 Team finds new mechanism for heterochromatin establishment and tr
10-Aug-2022 Impending Food Crisis? Rice Acreage Down 13% This Kharif Season
09-Aug-2022 India Reassures Gulf Countries of Rice Availability
09-Aug-2022 Rice prices may continue to rise in Arakan State, businesspeople
09-Aug-2022 Record 9m tonnes of rice production expected
09-Aug-2022 Rice exports at risk as climate change engulfs Pakistan
08-Aug-2022 Wild rice season opens soon, but harvesters must ensure rice is r
08-Aug-2022 Lack of timely rains, fertilizer hits rice farmers in Nepal’s g
07-Aug-2022 Agricultural and processed food products exports raised by 31%
06-Aug-2022 Basmati rice exports increase by 26% in Q1 to $1.15 bn: Commerce
05-Aug-2022 Po River drought: Risotto rice harvest fears as Italian paddy fie
05-Aug-2022 Global rice supplies at risk as harsh weather hits top exporters:
05-Aug-2022 Global rice supplies at risk as harsh weather hits top exporters
04-Aug-2022 How rice gene tweaking can be a gamechanger
04-Aug-2022 Rice exports jump 20 pct
04-Aug-2022 Agrivoltaics for rice growth
04-Aug-2022 Mauritius tenders to buy rice
03-Aug-2022 Cambodia earns 89 mln USD from milled rice export to China in Jan
03-Aug-2022 How India’s Droughts Could Affect Rice Across The Globe
03-Aug-2022 Myanmar’s traders lower rice
03-Aug-2022 Rain shortage may dampen India’s battle against inflation ̵
03-Aug-2022 India’s faltering rice output can cause a new food crisis
02-Aug-2022 Rice Harvest Begins But Rain Tosses in a Wrench
02-Aug-2022 U.S. rice interests have eye on Cuba
01-Aug-2022 Deadline extended for opening LCs for rice import
01-Aug-2022 Rice Gets Costlier By 30% Since Early June On High Export Demand,
30-Jul-2022 Rice sowing still 13% below year-ago level
29-Jul-2022 Asia rice: Flood-hit BD races to restock as strong dollar hits im
28-Jul-2022 Traditional Thai buffalo race kicks off rice growing season
27-Jul-2022 First wheat, now rice — hit by bad weather, output could fall b
27-Jul-2022 Super seeds help boost Pakistan’s rice exports
26-Jul-2022 South Korea tenders to buy ‭‭about 92,100 tonnes rice – tra
26-Jul-2022 Pakistan’s rice exports witnessed a 23 percent growth
25-Jul-2022 IARI introduces three new basmati rice varieties
25-Jul-2022 Meeting the demand for aromatic rice
25-Jul-2022 Thailand export earnings threatened by rice glut
23-Jul-2022 Vietnam increases rice export market share in UK
22-Jul-2022 Demand for India’s rice likely to shoot up in global market as