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06-Feb-2023 Chaman Lal Setia Exports zooms 17% on strong Q3 operational perfo
06-Feb-2023 Negri Sembilan to expand padi cultivation
06-Feb-2023 ‘Abeyance’. Bangladesh scraps parboiled rice…
06-Feb-2023 N. Koreans receive long-grain rice imported last year
06-Feb-2023 Sri Lanka’s Awful Agronomic Romance: Is it consequential to say
05-Feb-2023 Mechanisation to up Aus output: Experts
05-Feb-2023 Global rice prices hit 12-year high in Jan: FAO
04-Feb-2023 Cambodia to export rice to PH
03-Feb-2023 Kellogg sees positive results from sustainable rice farming pilot
03-Feb-2023 Iraq buys 88,000 metric tons of U.S. rice
03-Feb-2023 Vietnam’s rice export forecast to enjoy another successful year
03-Feb-2023 Indian rice export prices stay high on strong demand
03-Feb-2023 25,000kg of rice distributed to elderly homes, mosques in campaig
02-Feb-2023 Food, rice seeds from Premier and First Lady donated to more than
02-Feb-2023 Thai cabinet extends rice promotion campaign to September.
02-Feb-2023 China is sending rice to space to create new varieties
01-Feb-2023 Southern Taiwan rice fields go fallow due to lack of rain
01-Feb-2023 Haryana : Domestic consumers shell out more as foodgrain exports
01-Feb-2023 “We Created A Rice Variety Having Three Times More Yield”
01-Feb-2023 Export curbs fail to arrest India’s booming rice shipments -sou
31-Jan-2023 Paddy farming, organic versus agrochemical based methods.
31-Jan-2023 Think tank moots cultivating unique rice in East Malaysia as cash
31-Jan-2023 State Unveils Plans To Boost Rice Production
31-Jan-2023 Punjab starts rajma rice in mid-day meal;…
31-Jan-2023 Soaring Rice Price Shows Food Inflation Still Stalking the World
31-Jan-2023 Kellogg’s sustainable rice farming pilot yields positive result
30-Jan-2023 Agriculture: Food security through climate-smart agriculture
30-Jan-2023 Punjab farmers refuse to phase out water-guzzling paddy…
30-Jan-2023 State to implement action plan to boost farmers’ income
30-Jan-2023 Western Visayas farmers to receive inbred rice seeds
30-Jan-2023 Food ministry issues guidelines for open market sale of rice by F
30-Jan-2023 Lamentation as helpless flood victims cry over unfulfilled govt p
30-Jan-2023 PNG to Start Major Rice Project in Central Province
29-Jan-2023 USDA attache sees Australia 2022/23 wheat crop at 37 million tons
29-Jan-2023 USDA revises up Bangladesh’s rice production forecast
29-Jan-2023 African scientists root for hybrid rice to beat climate-induced h
28-Jan-2023 Punjab ‘mandis’ see 56% jump in basmati rice arrival
27-Jan-2023 S.Korea’s rice consumption hits record low in 2022
27-Jan-2023 Global rice supplies challenge could impact Caribbean food securi
27-Jan-2023 Punjab ‘mandis’ see 56% jump in basmati rice arrival
27-Jan-2023 Investors pursue rice farming
27-Jan-2023 Soaring rice price shows food inflation still stalking the world
26-Jan-2023 Exports dip for third month in a row in December
26-Jan-2023 India, Bangladesh, Myanmar ‘paddy diplomacy’
26-Jan-2023 133K metric tons of imported rice arrive
26-Jan-2023 Thin margin. Rice exporters urge Centre to remove curbs on shipm
26-Jan-2023 Global ag markets substantially impact Mississippi
25-Jan-2023 Paddy farmers are helpless as rice plants turn yellow.
25-Jan-2023 European Rice to participate at Gulfood 2023.
25-Jan-2023 Indian rice export prices soar to near 2-1/2-year high
25-Jan-2023 Ministry targets rice production of 54.5 mln tons this year
25-Jan-2023 Kellogg’s Environment Project With Rice Farmers Reports Pro
25-Jan-2023 Rice procurement: inelastic borrowing?
25-Jan-2023 The Rice Crop in Cuba Fails, Providing Less than 30% of Domestic
24-Jan-2023 Rice firm plans Mondulkiri expansion
24-Jan-2023 FG to boost food sufficiency with new rice, 20 other crops variet
24-Jan-2023 Lagos Commodities onboards Imota Rice receipts for trading
24-Jan-2023 Agriculture Infrastructure Fund crosses Rs.30,000 Cr mark of capi
23-Jan-2023 Nigeria inches closer to rice sufficiency as Buhari commissions I
23-Jan-2023 Kellogg helps rice farmers reduce emissions
22-Jan-2023 10,000 Years Ago – Ancient Stone Tools Provide the Earliest Evi
20-Jan-2023 Indian rice prices hit 9-month high
19-Jan-2023 Bulog disburses 100 thousand tons rice to tackle price hike
19-Jan-2023 Olivari leads Rice against North Texas
19-Jan-2023 New rice variety with 2-3 times annual farming option launched
19-Jan-2023 Modern machinery improves rice seed planting in Laos
19-Jan-2023 Bulog Claims Quality of Govt’s Rice Reserve is Good
18-Jan-2023 Brazilian rice exports jumped 85% during 2022 compared to 2021
17-Jan-2023 Paddy price drops but rice remains high
17-Jan-2023 64,943 MT of imported rice arrive in PH
17-Jan-2023 Continued surge in rice price seen
17-Jan-2023 Over 2.5K quintals of paddy ‘missing’ at 35 rice mill
17-Jan-2023 BUDGET 2023: Gov’t hopes to improve rice yields, fight pests wi
17-Jan-2023 Genetically modified rice to tackle climate-induced food shortage
16-Jan-2023 Researchers peg genetically modified rice as key to…
16-Jan-2023 Why there is a case for Basmati as a paddy replacement in Punjab
16-Jan-2023 Farmers warn of low yield
16-Jan-2023 ‘Biochar’ increases rice yield in Nueva Ecija
16-Jan-2023 Basmati Rice in your plate might be mixed with artificial colour!
16-Jan-2023 Payment fact sheet available to rice farmers
15-Jan-2023 FCI procures 17.5 LMT of fortified rice in 2021-22 in Andhra Prad
15-Jan-2023 As Buhari Exits, Questions Over Rice Pyramids Linger
14-Jan-2023 Panchamrutha launches unique fortified rice
14-Jan-2023 No broad-based decline in food inflation yet
13-Jan-2023 Asia rice: strong baht, demand props up Thai export prices
13-Jan-2023 Ban on Rice Imports Lifted.
12-Jan-2023 Rice farmers cushion losses with resilient farmer-bred variety
12-Jan-2023 India’s basmati exports surge on short-supply from Pakistan
12-Jan-2023 BRS, BJP lock horns over 5-kg free rice scheme
12-Jan-2023 Back to TRADITIONAL rice
12-Jan-2023 First batch of imported rice in 2023 arrives
11-Jan-2023 Bangladesh to buy rice from Indian govt traders at higher rate
11-Jan-2023 Govt may lift curbs on rice exports
11-Jan-2023 Rice breeding breakthrough to feed billions
11-Jan-2023 Months designated to highlight agriculture in the Philippines
10-Jan-2023 Vietnam’s ethnic farmers go green with organic farming
10-Jan-2023 India Considers Lifting Rice Export Curbs as Supply Improves
10-Jan-2023 Study IDs gene that may reduce chalkiness of heat-stressed rice
10-Jan-2023 Liberia: LIFE Liberia Supports Farmers to Cultivate 76 Acres Lowl
10-Jan-2023 Komal Rice: All You Need to Know About The Magical Rice of Assam
09-Jan-2023 Malaysia’s move to break rice import monopoly could backfire on
09-Jan-2023 Satisfied with Karawang rice output: Minister
09-Jan-2023 The challenge of shrinking farm sizes
06-Jan-2023 Rice acres and yield down in 2022 due to weather input costs, oth
06-Jan-2023 What Rice-Farming Cultures Can Teach Us about Pandemic Preparedne
06-Jan-2023 Rice Imports Banned.
06-Jan-2023 Pakistan’s rice exports fall 30pc in 5MFY23
05-Jan-2023 ‘Golden Rice’ harvest reaches 100 tons
05-Jan-2023 Milled rice exports soared by 3.2 percent last year, CRF says
05-Jan-2023 Govt to procure 1 lakh MTs of non-Basmati rice
05-Jan-2023 New partnerships formed to produce premium-quality for rice farms
05-Jan-2023 Time to foster agri product exports
04-Jan-2023 Nepali farmers line up to sell paddy while imports surge
04-Jan-2023 Bangladesh to import 1 lakh tonnes of rice from India, Singapore
04-Jan-2023 Rice acres and yield down in 2022 due to weather input costs, oth
04-Jan-2023 Who is to blame for the ongoing rice crisis in Egypt?
03-Jan-2023 Nepal has a chance to become self-reliant on fine rice production
03-Jan-2023 BCG model for rice farms
03-Jan-2023 How 500 Tons of Rice Vanish from State Warehouse
03-Jan-2023 New govt policy to facilitate cultivation of 2.7mln hectares of r
03-Jan-2023 NFSA Beneficiaries To Get Free Rice, Wheat In J&K.
02-Jan-2023 The problem with rice
02-Jan-2023 Analysis of Purchasing Power erosion during CY22
02-Jan-2023 PhilMech to focus on distribution of rice processing facilities u
02-Jan-2023 As groundwater dries up and rainfall becomes scarce, rice farmers
02-Jan-2023 High-value, nutritious black rice can bring farmers more profits.
02-Jan-2023 Basmati rice: new rules aiming to remove poor varieties from mar
01-Jan-2023 Rice being distributed free of cost to beneficiaries covered unde
01-Jan-2023 Millers express concern on theft of rice containers
31-Dec-2022 Basmati rice: The new authenticity rules aiming to remove sub-sta
30-Dec-2022 Agricultural and processed food products exports up by 16% to USD
30-Dec-2022 Imported Rice Could Threaten Local Farmers, Kadin Chief Says.
30-Dec-2022 Asia rice: India rates climb, Vietnam up on China reopening
30-Dec-2022 Direct seeding of rice technique fails to find favour with grower
30-Dec-2022 Bangladesh farmers swap rice for vegetables as water dries up
29-Dec-2022 Christmas: Auta distributes rice to less-privileged
29-Dec-2022 Price of parboiled rice skyrockets in Kerala as shortage hits sup
29-Dec-2022 Kota Belud farmers happy with increased rice harvest under the Sm
28-Dec-2022 Bangladesh farmers swap rice for vegetables as…
28-Dec-2022 Rice export: REAP initiates talks with Azerbaijani importers
28-Dec-2022 Myanmar, Bangladesh benefitting from ‘Rice Diplomacy.
28-Dec-2022 Kerala’s tribal farmer saves 54 local rice varieties from extin
27-Dec-2022 Bangladesh receives offers in tender to buy 50,000 T rice
27-Dec-2022 This 72-year-old Man in Kerala Has Saved 54 Native Rice Varieties
27-Dec-2022 Vietnam 2022 rice exports estimated at 7 million tonnes
27-Dec-2022 DA eyes 2.5 MMT rice imports in 2023
27-Dec-2022 Cambodia eyes rice sales to Maldives
27-Dec-2022 20 indigenous rice varieties go extinct in Lakshmipur.
26-Dec-2022 How I lost N2 billion worth of rice farm to flooding – Agric ex
26-Dec-2022 Over 1.39m metric tons rice exported in five months
25-Dec-2022 Agriculture Ministry Ensures Rice Supply Safe for Christmas, New
23-Dec-2022 Thailand opens genetic testing centre to improve its rice
23-Dec-2022 Rice unfit for humans and used for other purposes to attract 5% G
23-Dec-2022 Asia rice: more exports, stronger baht send Thai rates to 6-month
23-Dec-2022 Rice business plays important role in economic improvement of Pak
23-Dec-2022 Rice exporters demand industry status and lament treatment byR
22-Dec-2022 NCRI develops flood resistant rice varieties
22-Dec-2022 Egypt shows interest in importing meat and rice
22-Dec-2022 Rice 2022: a good year for (some) farmers?
22-Dec-2022 Strong rice results
22-Dec-2022 All you need to know about steamed rice
21-Dec-2022 DP/Sheikhoo, Guard Rice emerge victorious in Lahore Open Polo
21-Dec-2022 Govt Differs World Bank Report, Claiming Indonesia’s Rice&#
20-Dec-2022 Myanmar, Bangladesh benefitting from ‘Rice Diplomacy’
20-Dec-2022 Slowdown in issuance of spsics stays as tool to manage rice impor
20-Dec-2022 Organic Rice Production From the Growers’ Perspective
20-Dec-2022 Exports increase by 28.43% in five months
20-Dec-2022 Rice Import Plan Exposes Bulog’s Lack of Management, Says F
19-Dec-2022 ‘Patriotic’ rice donation irks crisis-hit North Koreans
19-Dec-2022 FG plans rice export growth – Agric minister
19-Dec-2022 Give Bernas allocation directly to rice farmers, industry players
19-Dec-2022 Rice import process to undergo comprehensive review
18-Dec-2022 Why small Chinese farmers are warming to this new variety of rice
18-Dec-2022 Philippines extends tariff cuts on imported rice, other food item
18-Dec-2022 Relief for consumers as rice price to drop on waiver of 35 per ce
17-Dec-2022 Research sheds light on rice’s natural defenses
17-Dec-2022 FG to boost rice production for export
17-Dec-2022 Marcos gives one-time rice allowance to all gov’t employees
16-Dec-2022 Indonesia starts rice import from Vietnam, Thailand…
16-Dec-2022 Output dip. Rice market set for a bull run
16-Dec-2022 Senegal struggles to break dependence on imported rice
15-Dec-2022 kenya to import 1.5 million metric tons of duty free maize rice.
15-Dec-2022 Mid-December Food Prices: Rice, Beef and Onions Still Rising
15-Dec-2022 Could ‘Rice Diplomacy’ bolster Myanmar-Bangladesh ties?
15-Dec-2022 African countries requested for supply of non-basmati rice, admit
15-Dec-2022 Rice, wheat inflation continue to rise contrary to overall inflat
15-Dec-2022 BD issues tender to buy 50,000 tonnes of rice
15-Dec-2022 Rice steady amid flooding in Thailand
14-Dec-2022 Resurrecting Climate-Resilient Rice in India
14-Dec-2022 Arkansas farmers lose billions as weather and war impact yield, c
14-Dec-2022 why small chinese farmers are warming new variety rice
14-Dec-2022 FPCCI urges govt to grant status of industry to rice sector.
13-Dec-2022 B’desh Govt Seeks 5 Lakh Tonnes of Parboiled Rice from Indi
13-Dec-2022 Rice import: Minister-secretary return home without no headway