Basmati Rice
19-Jul-2023 Nod to herbicide-tolerant basmati rice varieties
18-Jul-2023 Govt may reduce OMSS rice price to lure buyers
15-Jul-2023 India rice export ban could mean soaring prices worldwide
14-Jul-2023 Indian rice prices up 10% in global market, affect export demand
13-Jul-2023 India may ban 80% rice exports to curb local prices: Report
09-Jul-2023 Discover 3 Indian Rice Varieties: Black, Red, and Brown Basmati
09-Jul-2023 Basmati export zones a must for quality control
08-Jul-2023 Farmers Hopeful Of Better Paddy Yield On Good Monsoon Rains
07-Jul-2023 Global rice prices set to rally further
06-Jul-2023 Indian rice exports up 10% in April-May as basmati shipments gain
05-Jul-2023 Basmati Rice Market Set for Explosive Growth | LT Foods, Kohinoor
05-Jul-2023 Payment delays hit basmati rice exports to Iran
03-Jul-2023 India may ship 290,000 tonnes of broken rice to Mali
13-Jun-2023 Thailand tops India as top exporter to Iraqi rice market
08-Jun-2023 Leading basmati rice exporter GRM Overseas looks to make its pres
19-May-2023 PBHF Creates Awareness To Enhance Output Of Basmati Rice In Pakis
08-May-2023 KEBS Bets On New Tech, Research To Eradicate Fake Basmati Rice
05-May-2023 Asia rice: India prices fall for third week on weak demand
27-Apr-2023 Rice exports: quarterly roundup
27-Apr-2023 Asia rice: Thai rates hit 2-month highs on low supplies, increasi
25-Apr-2023 REAP urges govt to help it achieve $5bn rice exports
23-Apr-2023 Bundi Basmati rice on its way to snag Gi tag.
10-Apr-2023 India deserves GI tag for its basmati rice
09-Apr-2023 Rice crop in surplus despite floods, NA told
08-Apr-2023 Pakistan bigger exporter of basmati to Europe than India, panel t
04-Apr-2023 Paddy procurement crosses 73 MT, boosts FCI rice stock
04-Apr-2023 7 factors affecting the rice market
03-Apr-2023 APEDA to consult stakeholders on UK’s new trade rules for basma
02-Apr-2023 Grains of hope. Rice procurement exceeds 49 mt, a tad below yr-a
31-Mar-2023 Asia rice: India rates steady as orders trickle in, Vietnam eyes
30-Mar-2023 Controversy. UK’s new code of practice for basmati rice trigge
16-Mar-2023 Govt Will Protect IP Rights Of Basmati, Darjeeling Tea & Oth
16-Mar-2023 Indian rice exporters unlikely to seek export duty rollback for n
13-Mar-2023 40% of rice crop affected due to floods in Sindh: Rafiq Sulaiman.
12-Mar-2023 SPI inflation rises to 42.27%
12-Mar-2023 India’s rice rates fall on fewer buyers
11-Mar-2023 Australia rejects India’s request seeking GI tag for basmati ri
10-Mar-2023 Asia rice: India rates fall on lack of buying interest
08-Mar-2023 India’s non-basmati rice exports jump 4% in Apr-Jan of FY23
07-Mar-2023 Africa emerges lucrative market for Indian rice exporters
06-Mar-2023 Higher export prices: only saving grace
05-Mar-2023 Some relief. India to gain from EU proposal to hike residue cap
03-Mar-2023 Australia rejects India’s application for GI tag to Basmati ric
02-Mar-2023 Asia rice: Indian export rates ease, Bangladesh aims to combat ho
19-Feb-2023 Pakistan’s rice exports shrink 16pc to $1.08bn
10-Feb-2023 Basmati rice sales to grow 30% on high demand this fiscal: Report
10-Feb-2023 Asia rice: India rates at near 2-year high on firm demand
09-Feb-2023 Basmati exports increase as Iran, Saudi, UAE make 50% of total sh
06-Feb-2023 ‘Abeyance’. Bangladesh scraps parboiled rice…
28-Jan-2023 Punjab ‘mandis’ see 56% jump in basmati rice arrival
16-Jan-2023 Basmati Rice in your plate might be mixed with artificial colour!
04-Jan-2023 Bangladesh to import 1 lakh tonnes of rice from India, Singapore
02-Jan-2023 Basmati rice: new rules aiming to remove poor varieties from mar
31-Dec-2022 Basmati rice: The new authenticity rules aiming to remove sub-sta
30-Dec-2022 Agricultural and processed food products exports up by 16% to USD
22-Dec-2022 Rice 2022: a good year for (some) farmers?
20-Dec-2022 Exports increase by 28.43% in five months
15-Dec-2022 African countries requested for supply of non-basmati rice, admit
14-Dec-2022 FPCCI urges govt to grant status of industry to rice sector.
13-Dec-2022 B’desh Govt Seeks 5 Lakh Tonnes of Parboiled Rice from Indi
08-Dec-2022 Lahore Grain Market Rates
06-Dec-2022 Sharp spike in Basmati rice & processed foods shipments
05-Dec-2022 Iran no longer importing tea and basmati rice from India, says re
30-Nov-2022 Govt lifts ban on exports of organic non-basmati rice
29-Nov-2022 Over 965,360 metric tons rice worth $545.7m exported in four mont
29-Nov-2022 PM welcomes Azeri tax relief on rice
23-Nov-2022 Basmati prices escalate in Haryana as market widens
20-Nov-2022 Rice exporters fear big drop in shipments after floods
17-Nov-2022 Govt may review blanket ban on broken rice exports if procurement
17-Nov-2022 Global demand, low inventories push Basmati paddy prices.
14-Nov-2022 Lahore Grain Market Rates
10-Nov-2022 Basmati exports jump 37% in first half of FY23
08-Nov-2022 Rice exports: are good times over?
29-Oct-2022 Basmati 1121 attracts exporters to Fazilka mandi
28-Oct-2022 2,500 tonnes of Arakan State-grown rice to be exported to Banglad
28-Oct-2022 Devastating floods cause 5 percent cut in Pakistan’s rice expor
27-Oct-2022 Latest study recognizes India Gate as the world’s no. 1 bas
26-Oct-2022 Grain Market Review: Rice
25-Oct-2022 Big progress in sustainable rice cultivation
24-Oct-2022 Five new varieties to expand India’s Basmati platter
24-Oct-2022 Rice exporters unhappy with govt over being neglected in fixed en
23-Oct-2022 India rice export curbs to end a decade of price stability
21-Oct-2022 India rice export curbs to end a decade of price stability
20-Oct-2022 Butter, beef and basmati: The supermarket staples driving up cost
20-Oct-2022 Food exports surge by 5.70% in Q1 FY23
19-Oct-2022 India’s rice exports expected to decline
14-Oct-2022 Asia rice: Thai rates slip on weaker baht, lower demand
11-Oct-2022 Options for Pakistan’s rice exports
10-Oct-2022 Bacterial Blight-resistant Varieties of Basmati Rice Developed
10-Oct-2022 India’s rice farmers, exporters feel impact of cooling measures
09-Oct-2022 Pakistan poised to achieve rice export target
07-Oct-2022 Rice insecurity: The depletion of groundwater resources…
07-Oct-2022 Asia rice: steady demand lifts Vietnam rates
04-Oct-2022 Sale and Use of Insecticides for Basmati Rice Banned in Noida
30-Sep-2022 ‘Floods have destroyed 30pc of rice crop’
27-Sep-2022 Three new basmati rice varieties show high yield
23-Sep-2022 Don’t go for blanket duty levy on non-basmati rice exports: FTC
22-Sep-2022 20% duty on non-basmati rice variants will hit exports: FTCCI 
13-Sep-2022 KRBL surges 17% in two days on heavy volumes; stock hits over 3-y
12-Sep-2022 India’s rice export curbs paralyse trade in Asia as prices
09-Sep-2022 Govt imposes 20% export duty on non-basmati rice shipments, to hi
23-Aug-2022 Haryana basmati exporters seek lower market levies
22-Aug-2022 ERA makes Basmathi rice accessible to all, offers chance to win a
13-Aug-2022 Punjab bans use of 10 insecticides for basmati crop
12-Aug-2022 Basmati rice exports up 26 per cent in April-June to $1.15 billio
10-Aug-2022 Non-basmati rice sown on 96% area under paddy cultivation in Ludh
09-Aug-2022 India Reassures Gulf Countries of Rice Availability
09-Aug-2022 Rice exports at risk as climate change engulfs Pakistan
07-Aug-2022 Agricultural and processed food products exports raised by 31%
06-Aug-2022 Basmati rice exports increase by 26% in Q1 to $1.15 bn: Commerce
25-Jul-2022 Meeting the demand for aromatic rice
22-Jul-2022 Rice exports surge 23pc to $2.5b in FY22
19-Jul-2022 Basmati Rice is under Threat in Export Market due to EU’s S
13-Jul-2022 Stricter pesticide residue norms may shrink Basmati exports
02-Jul-2022 Bangladesh bans aromatic rice export
21-Jun-2022 Don’t rush Basmati
19-Jun-2022 Growers Advised To Complete Rice Cultivation By 30th
15-Jun-2022 A smallcap basmati rice stock has showered investors with 9x retu
03-Jun-2022 Here’s why world’s largest basmati rice exporter has
31-May-2022 Europe Basmati Rice Market Is Expected to Reach $866.5 Million by
31-May-2022 Centre has no plans to ban or curb exports of basmati, non-basmat
22-May-2022 Rice exports increase 17.21pc in 10 months, reachm $2.051b
11-Apr-2022 Exports of basmati rice fall over drop in acreage, loss of market
05-Apr-2022 In Rohtak, basmati fetches record price
04-Apr-2022 Inflation pulls down demand for cooking oil, Basmati, chicken
02-Apr-2022 Cuba & Chile to buy Basmati Rice from Haryana
28-Mar-2022 Rice exports: interesting times ahead?
25-Mar-2022 Have you been buying the wrong basmati rice all along?
21-Mar-2022 Basmati Rice – A Grain that Stands Out Amongst Others
12-Mar-2022 Biryani plate becomes dearer as rice prices go up
02-Mar-2022 Two Basmati rice varieties help boost export.
27-Feb-2022 Agriculture Department to set up mini rice mills
26-Feb-2022 Ukraine war: Amritsar rice exporter in a fix as stock stuck midwa
24-Feb-2022 Pakistan’s Basmati rice exports up by 8.97%
13-Feb-2022 Gulf Food: Tilda – Market leader in the region’s premium
11-Feb-2022 India’s basmati rice exports hit 4-yr low as Iran trims buy
10-Feb-2022 Rising freight rates impact India’s basmati exports to West
08-Feb-2022 APEDA Invites Bids For Crop Survey to Estimate Acreage & Exp
02-Feb-2022 Basmati battles beset producers in India
11-Jan-2022 Pakistan to get Basmati rice hybrid seeds
05-Jan-2022 Agri trade is booming this fiscal, but April-Oct basmati exports
13-Dec-2021 Food prices: is basmati next?
06-Dec-2021 Basmati being wiped out by hybrid rice
30-Nov-2021 Pakistan poised to export near-record rice volume this season
22-Nov-2021 Rice Imports Up 24% to 665K Tons
21-Nov-2021 Basmati prices on upswing in Punjab, with reduction in area hitti
18-Nov-2021 Pakistan to import LPG from Iran in exchange of rice, says Dawood
16-Nov-2021 Export of Basmati to KSA, UAE, Kenya suffers setback
11-Nov-2021 APEDA organises 75 awareness and training programmes on
10-Nov-2021 Basmati exports to gain momentum as Iran lifts seasonal ban on ri
07-Nov-2021 Supply constraints, higher rupee lift Indian rice export prices t
07-Nov-2021 Pakistan, Iran to start rice barter trade
07-Nov-2021 Punjab: 80% paddy procured, state to shut 300 mandis by Nov 10
02-Nov-2021 Rice exports: cautious optimism?
30-Oct-2021 An exhibition and sale in Thiruvananthapuram celebrates rice dive
30-Oct-2021 Punjab: Area under basmati rice shrinks by 25% this kharif season
29-Oct-2021 Hybrid seeds availability in next two to three years
26-Oct-2021 India’s record rice crop brings problem of plenty for farme
25-Oct-2021 Farmers protest ‘exploitation’ during basmati purchase in Faz
24-Oct-2021 Rain damages basmati, potato crops in Jalandhar
24-Oct-2021 Farmers stop basmati trucks from UP, Haryana
20-Oct-2021 India-Pakistan tug of war over GI tag for Basmati rice takes a ne
20-Oct-2021 Farmers encouraged to grow basmati rice commercially
17-Oct-2021 Pakistan set to harvest Basmati bumper crop this year
01-Oct-2021 Basmati: damn thy luck!
28-Sep-2021 Basmati export prices looking up, amid drop seen in output
24-Sep-2021 India applies for trademark registration of Basmati in Sri Lanka
21-Sep-2021 Exports increase by 24pc to Rs742,259m in two months
20-Sep-2021 New crop at mandis priced 30% higher; basmati rice shortfall like
12-Sep-2021 Showers flatten paddy crop, delay sowing of vegetables
10-Sep-2021 Guard holds ‘Hybrid Basmati’ rice awareness field day
01-Sep-2021 With increase in basmati prices, paddy arrival begins in Haryana
01-Sep-2021 Basmati GI case to land in EU court as dialogue deadline nears en
01-Sep-2021 Jammu possess great potential of Basmati Rice Export: Director Ag
27-Aug-2021 PM for encouraging exporters to boost Pakistan’s rice exports
24-Aug-2021 Pakistani rice export to China may cross 1m tonnes in coming year
23-Aug-2021 Minister For Promoting Cultivation Of Basmati Rice
22-Aug-2021 Egypt to plant Basmati Rice to reduce importation
20-Aug-2021 Workshop On Safe Use Of Pesticides In Basmati Cultivation Held At
19-Aug-2021 Farmers oppose two-crop rice production trend
18-Aug-2021 Rice exports from India to take a hit this year
15-Aug-2021 Fears grow as rice sowing surpasses target
11-Aug-2021 Rice exports expected to be lower in FY22 compared to FY21
10-Aug-2021 ‘Covid-19 considerably brought down bulk sale of basmati rice
09-Aug-2021 In repeated rejection of exported crop, failure of efforts to gro
26-Jul-2021 Explained: India and Pakistan’s war over GI tag for Basmati
13-Jul-2021 Togo produced more than 150,000 t of rice in 2020
12-Jul-2021 Timely Shifting Of Nursery Of Basmati Varieties Vital To Obtain G
10-Jul-2021 Harmful pesticide residues a threat to rice exports
10-Jul-2021 Rice millers peeved over increase in freight charges
08-Jul-2021 High-level of residue biggest threat to rice exports: speakers
08-Jul-2021 Tomar raises India”s basmati rice export related concerns w
05-Jul-2021 Lacing exports with GI tags
03-Jul-2021 Punjab launches Rs6b scheme for rice productivity
25-Jun-2021 India’s ‘rice flooding’ hurts Pakistani exports
23-Jun-2021 Basmati exports: goodbye depreciation fever?
16-Jun-2021 Basmati GI in EU: India says Pak’s claim unfounded