Basmati Rice
19-Sep-2017 Rice basmati weakens on muted demand
15-Sep-2017 Low basmati prices worry farmers
14-Sep-2017 REI Agro goes in for liquidation
13-Sep-2017 Rice basmati edges up on scattered demand
12-Sep-2017 EU Ban Basmati Imports; Indian Consumer To Get Premium Basmati at
11-Sep-2017 MP govt and APEDA in Basmati rice geographical indication registr
09-Sep-2017 Rice basmati strengthens on rising demand
08-Sep-2017 Rice basmati moves up on stockists’ buying
07-Sep-2017 Iran’s Rice Import Ban to Stay Until November 21
06-Sep-2017 Basmati millers in Punjab rue hike in mandi fee, RDF
05-Sep-2017 IRAN – IRICA Sets Deadline for Rice Import Clearance
02-Sep-2017 Rice mills seek removal of GST on branded rice
02-Sep-2017 Rice basmati strengthens on rising demand
01-Sep-2017 Madhya Pradesh basmati claims spark protest, exporters, farmers
01-Sep-2017 Iranian importers default on Indian rice deals – trade sour
31-Aug-2017 How India is paying the price of rice exports to Iran; the story
26-Aug-2017 Rice basmati softens on low demand
24-Aug-2017 To manage 197 lakh tonnes padddy stubble, ‘Super SMS’ or ince
23-Aug-2017 Basmati rice becomes India’s top exporting commodity
23-Aug-2017 ‘Govt making all efforts to restore aroma of RS Pura Basmati’
23-Aug-2017 The Rice March
22-Aug-2017 Basmati overtakes buffalo meat as top export commodity
18-Aug-2017 Rice basmati goes up on increased offtake
16-Aug-2017 Rice basmati rises on increased buying
12-Aug-2017 Rice basmati strengthens on rising demand
11-Aug-2017 Poor rate of Basmati reduces cultivating area to half
07-Aug-2017 Rice growers pessimistic about new varieties
06-Aug-2017 Rice basmati weakens on low demand
01-Aug-2017 Rice basmati weakens on muted demand
01-Aug-2017 ‘Roll back GST on branded rice’
01-Aug-2017 India asks European Union to allow duty free exports of all basma
28-Jul-2017 Muted demand drags down rice basmati prices
26-Jul-2017 India discussing rice exports issue with EU: Commerce Secretary
25-Jul-2017 EU’s changed fungicide norms spell trouble for 6 lakh basmati f
22-Jul-2017 Grains: In restricted activity, prices of rice basmati
19-Jul-2017 ‘India Gate’ not registered; does not fall under GST
19-Jul-2017 Rice basmati remains weak on low demand
18-Jul-2017 APEDA invites offers for crop survey for Basmati rice estimation,
17-Jul-2017 Farm production lesson: Less the government, better the trade
14-Jul-2017 GST impact: 5% rate to squeeze margins of basmati rice exporters
14-Jul-2017 New EU norms likely to hit rice exports from India
13-Jul-2017 Pakistan could eat India’s share of basmati rice exports
13-Jul-2017 Fading aroma: Basmati’s latest challenge
12-Jul-2017 Rice basmati up on pick up in demand
11-Jul-2017 Did India’s Green Revolution Strategy Take Into Account Researc
10-Jul-2017 Iran to import 1st rice cargo from Thailand after sanctions lifte
08-Jul-2017 Punjab’s border belt loses basmati aroma as area under sowing f
08-Jul-2017 Farmers warned against basmati rot
07-Jul-2017 India’s largest selling rice brand is now a zero-tax product
07-Jul-2017 Basmati brands seek parity in GST
07-Jul-2017 All India Rice Exporters’ Association seeks PM’s intervention
06-Jul-2017 Basmati exports ban will affect livelihood of farmers: KRBL
06-Jul-2017 Basmati exporters unhappy over EU’s norms on chemical residues
06-Jul-2017 Firm conditions prevail at wholesale grains market
06-Jul-2017 Worry over basmati exports
06-Jul-2017 Basmati rice exporters cry foul over EU regulations on chemical r
05-Jul-2017 Rice basmati strengthens on increased buying
05-Jul-2017 Tough EU norms on India’s basmati rice to shift trade to Pa
05-Jul-2017 AIREA seeks PM Modi’s intervention on EU ban of Indian rice
05-Jul-2017 Exporters want PM to protect Basmati sales to Europe
05-Jul-2017 Rice exporters ask PM to intervene to protect Basmati exports to
01-Jul-2017 Prices of rice basmati
01-Jul-2017 REVISED | Code of Practice on Basmati Rice
29-Jun-2017 Beyond basmati – on the revival of scented rices
28-Jun-2017 Rice traders launch campaign to educate farmers on pesticides
28-Jun-2017 Rice basmati weakens on muted demand
28-Jun-2017 Rice millers seek exemption
26-Jun-2017 Rice exports seen picking up on Bangladesh, Sri Lanka demand
24-Jun-2017 India | Grains market
24-Jun-2017 Pakistan’s rice exports suffer as govt looks the other way
23-Jun-2017 A tough month for rice exports
21-Jun-2017 Rice basmati moves up on stockists buying
19-Jun-2017 Iran Produces 61% of Central, West Asian Rice
17-Jun-2017 Weak conditions prevail at the wholesale grains market
16-Jun-2017 Iran | 2.25 million tons of rice are estimated to be produced in
14-Jun-2017 Majha farmers revert to Pusa 1509 Basmati
13-Jun-2017 Rice basmati falls on low demand
10-Jun-2017 Rice basmati remains weak on low demand, adequate supply
10-Jun-2017 Pak exporters may face hardships on Qatar situation
07-Jun-2017 Price cap on Indian rice supports Pakistan’s rice exports to Ir
06-Jun-2017 Alleged “fake” Basmati rice to be tested by Sri Lanka’s
03-Jun-2017 Rice basmati up on increased buying
03-Jun-2017 Grains: Rice basmati prices firmed up at the wholesale grains mar
02-Jun-2017 Rice basmati moves up on stockists’ buying
01-Jun-2017 Don’t tax branded rice under GST, cut taxes on procurement:
30-May-2017 Select grains up on increased offtake
30-May-2017 Jammu to be hub for export of quality basmati rice: SKUAST-J
29-May-2017 Rice Imports Valid Until July 23 | Says IRAN
27-May-2017 Grains: The wholesale grains market remained weak
26-May-2017 Breaking News | Overseas warehousing of rice to be permitted, say
26-May-2017 Basmati export benefits from ban on DA, exporters seek similar mo
25-May-2017 Wheat, rice basmati soften on sluggish demand
24-May-2017 Basmati exporters expect higher output on good monsoon forecast
24-May-2017 Sow dwarf varieties of paddy, farmers told
22-May-2017 4.448m acres to be brought under paddy cultivation in Punjab
20-May-2017 Prices of wheat and rice basmati fell at the
19-May-2017 Basmati lovers drive up rice import bill
18-May-2017 Basmati Boom Has LT Foods Seeking Growth in Europe, Middle East
17-May-2017 Council backs EU ban on rice protection product
16-May-2017 MoU inked to boost rice exports to Saudi
15-May-2017 REAP threatens to shutdown mills from tomorrow
13-May-2017 Wheat, rice basmati strengthen on rising demand
13-May-2017 Exports of Basmati Brown (cargo) Rice to E.U
11-May-2017 Centre, basmati exporters looking at alternative fungicides to tr
10-May-2017 IRAN | Rice Output Estimated to Rise 10-15%
10-May-2017 Returns on rice: The making of India’s biggest basmati expo
10-May-2017 Rice exporters eye big deals in Saudi Arabia
07-May-2017 Body formed to probe causes of falling rice exports
06-May-2017 Exports of Basmati Brown (cargo) Rice to E.U
06-May-2017 Poor offtake by Iran dents India’s basmati Rice exports
05-May-2017 Wheat, rice basmati slide on reduced offtake
05-May-2017 After Nirmala Sitharaman’s ‘quality’ order, APEDA gets crac
04-May-2017 Rice basmati remains weak on tepid demand
04-May-2017 The Scented Rice
03-May-2017 Wheat, rice basmati extend losses on muted demand
03-May-2017 Iran Rice Imports Down 24.4%
02-May-2017 Exports of Basmati Brown (cargo) Rice to E.U
02-May-2017 Rice basmati weakens on sluggish demand
01-May-2017 Iran’s import of staple food products drops
01-May-2017 Agri exports rise despite dip in buffalo meat, basmati shipments
30-Apr-2017 Rice exporters to explore emerging international markets
29-Apr-2017 Export Summary-Iran buys rice, Philippines buys feed wheat
28-Apr-2017 India’s thirsty crops turning arid
27-Apr-2017 Rice basmati, wheat up on increased offtake
26-Apr-2017 Basmati rice exports up by 154.28pc in March
24-Apr-2017 McCormick & Company to own 100 per cent of ‘Kohinoor’ br
24-Apr-2017 Basmati prices rise on foreign demand
21-Apr-2017 Basmati sowing likely to go up 25% in FY18 on high demand, normal
21-Apr-2017 Wheat, rice basmati slip on reduced offtake
19-Apr-2017 Rice basmati softens on sluggish demand
17-Apr-2017 Punjab: Basmati prices up, but farmers fail to cash in
14-Apr-2017 EU’s stringent norms to hit basmati rice exports
13-Apr-2017 Saudi firms sign $469.34mln worth of Philippine projects
11-Apr-2017 Rice basmati, wheat rise on scattered demand
09-Apr-2017 Rice traders need govt support to arrest declining exports
31-Mar-2017 Rice basmati extends gain on strong demand
29-Mar-2017 Rice basmati edges up; wheat slips on adequate stocks
29-Mar-2017 ‘Basmati rice exports may grow to Rs 22,000 22,500 cr in FY
29-Mar-2017 Rice export blues
27-Mar-2017 Punjab farmers to protest outside Parliament on March 30
22-Mar-2017 Trade with Iran to start next month
19-Mar-2017 Exporters losing out on Iranian rice market
18-Mar-2017 Rice basmati rises on stockist buying
15-Mar-2017 Rice basmati up on rising demand
11-Mar-2017 Basmati exports to EU face fungicide blockade
07-Mar-2017 Punjab Agricultural University unveils paddy, basmati, moong, sug
01-Mar-2017 Rice basmati strengthens on stockists buying
29-Jan-2017 Iranian Government Amends Rice Import Tariffs