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May 2024

Top-10 Rice Consuming Countries in the World 2024

China with the rice consumption of 142,700,000 metric tons, stands as the largest rice consumer in the world. Know the names of top-10 rice consuming countries in the world 2024.

Rice, a staple food for billions of people worldwide, holds immense cultural and nutritional significance. In 2024, the global consumption of rice continues to play a pivotal role in shaping dietary habits and food security. Let’s explore the top 10 rice-consuming countries, shedding light on their consumption patterns and the importance of rice in their cuisines.

Rice Consumption in the World 2024

Over the past decade, global rice consumption has shown a steady upward trend. In the crop year 2022/23, the world consumed approximately 520.4 million metric tons of rice, marking a notable increase from 437.18 million metric tons consumed in the 2008/2009 crop year. This gradual rise reflects the enduring popularity and importance of rice as a staple food worldwide. Despite fluctuations in agricultural production and market dynamics, rice remains a fundamental dietary component for billions of people, underscoring its role in global food security and cultural heritage.

Largest Rice Consumer in the World 2024

China stands as the world’s largest consumer and producer of rice, bolstered by its robust agricultural sector and rapid economic growth. With an annual consumption of 142,700 metric tons, accounting for nearly 30% of global rice production, rice plays a vital role in Chinese diets. About 65% of the population relies on rice as a staple food, facilitated by the widespread adoption of hybrid varieties and favorable cultivation conditions. While historically engaging in both imports and exports, China now predominantly serves as a net exporter of rice, reflecting its evolving role in the global rice market.

Top-10 Rice Consumers in the World 2024

China with the rice consumption of 142,700,000 metric tons, stands as the largest rice consumer in the world, followed by India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

Here is the list of top-10 rice consumers in the world 2024:

Top-10 Rice Consumers in the World 2024
RankCountryRice Consumption (in 1000 metric tons)
Largest Rice Consumer in the World – China

Rice Consumption: 142,700,000 metric tons

China, the world’s largest rice consumer and producer, plays a pivotal role in global rice dynamics. With an annual consumption of 142,700 metric tonsroughly 30% of the world’s production, rice is a cornerstone of Chinese diets. Approximately 65% of the population relies on rice as a staple, facilitated by hybrid cultivation and favorable conditions. While historically engaged in both imports and exports, China now predominantly exports rice, showcasing its influence in the global rice market.

Second Largest Country in terms of Rice Consumption – India

Rice Consumption: 97,350, 000 metric tons

India, the world’s second-largest rice consumer, has witnessed remarkable growth akin to China. With a total consumption of 97,350 metric tons annually, rice holds significant importance in Indian diets. Over half of the population depends on rice as a staple food, supported by government initiatives in production and distribution. Farmers receive substantial assistance through subsidies, covering essentials like fertilizers, seeds, and machinery, ensuring sustained rice production to meet domestic demand.

World’s Third Largest Rice Consumer – Indonesia

Rice Consumption: 37,400,000 metric tons

Indonesia, the world’s third-largest rice consumerconsumes approximately 37,400 metric tons annually. With 77% of farmers cultivating rice, it’s a vital crop in the country’s agriculture. Java and Sumatra are key production regions, with Java alone contributing 60% of total output. Despite recent import declines, rising population forecasts suggest increased reliance on imports. To mitigate this, Indonesia aims to boost domestic production, prioritizing self-sufficiency to meet growing demand for rice in the coming years. QR Code

Published Date: May 13, 2024

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