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May 2024

Revolutionizing Rice Cultivation: Keeri Samba’s Triumph in Hambantota District

Keeri Samba’s successful cultivation in Hambantota marks a pivotal moment for Sri Lanka’s rice production. With ambitious plans for expansion and comprehensive support for farmers, this initiative sets the stage for a brighter future in agriculture.

Revolutionizing Rice Cultivation: Keeri Samba’s Triumph in Hambantota District

For the first time, the cultivation of Keeri Samba paddy in the Hambantota district’s Matigathwela area has been hailed as a significant success, signaling a promising shift towards enhancing local rice production in Sri Lanka. Spearheaded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Plantation Industries, this initiative not only marks an important milestone in the district’s agricultural history but also sets a precedent for the future of rice cultivation across the nation.

Breaking New Ground

Keeri Samba’s successful cultivation on 100 acres at Agunakolapalassa represents a pioneering effort to address the national shortage of this indigenous rice variety. Agriculture and Plantation Industries Minister, Mahinda Amaraweera, emphasized the critical need for diversifying rice production to meet the increasing demand for Keeri Samba, which had previously led to the import of alternative rice varieties. This initiative underscores the government’s commitment to enhancing food security and supporting local farmers by fostering the growth of high-demand rice varieties such as Keeri Samba.

Scaling Up Production

With an eye on the future, the Department of Agriculture has outlined ambitious plans to expand Keeri Samba cultivation. By the next Maha season, an additional 500 hectares in the Hambantota district are slated for cultivation, potentially yielding substantial economic and nutritional benefits. This strategic expansion is part of a broader effort to not only secure the nation’s rice supply but also to elevate the standard of living for local farmers through increased production and profitability.

Comprehensive Support for Farmers

The government and the Ministry of Agriculture have pledged extensive support to facilitate this agricultural evolution. From providing access to high-quality seeds to offering technical guidance, these measures aim to empower farmers to achieve higher yields and contribute more effectively to the national food supply. The success story of Keeri Samba in Hambantota is poised to inspire similar agricultural endeavors across Sri Lanka, heralding a new era of self-sufficiency and prosperity in rice production.

As Sri Lanka witnesses the burgeoning success of Keeri Samba cultivation, the implications for the country’s agricultural landscape are profound. This initiative not only showcases the potential for enhancing local rice production but also highlights the importance of innovative agricultural practices in meeting the challenges of food security and economic development. As Hambantota leads the way, the future of rice cultivation in Sri Lanka looks brighter than ever, promising a legacy of abundance, sustainability, and growth. QR Code

Published Date: February 28, 2024

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