35-hectare rice field project for Kanuma village

In an effort to fight hunger and contribute to food self-sufficiency in the country, Star GSM, in partnership with two investors with support from Kanuma Farato Women Kafo in Lower Nuimi District, has cultivated a 35-hectare rice field project for the village of Kanuma and its surrounding.

The objective of the project is to contribute and complement Government efforts towards food self-sufficiency.
Dr Serge Alain Bassene, Project Manager for Kanuma Farato Kafo Rice Project, thanked women of Kanuma for their efforts, saying part of the harvested rice would be given to the community while the rest would be sold to support women pay for their children’s school fees.
Dr Bassene expressed their plan to dig a borehole and fence the area, noting that they are interested not only in making profit but also in supporting women of the area.
He called on government, individuals and organisations to partner with them, saying though prices for basic commodities are expensive in the country, “such initiatives will help reduce” expenditure.
“Embracing agriculture is the solution,” he stated.
He also said that they aim to cultivate rice at the project site year-round as well as expand the project to other parts of the country.
Lamin Kaba, Chief Executive Officer of Star GSM, thanked the alkalo and community of Kanuma for providing them with the land to cultivate rice to fight hunger and contribute to food self-sufficiency in the country.
Mr Kaba thanked Prince Ebrahim Sanyang, a Gambian investor who is working with the Saudi and Turkey Governments, to support other African countries.
The Star GSM CEO promised to donate a scanning machine to Essau District Hospital through Kanuma village.
Prince Ebrahim Sanyang, investor, developmental economics and philanthropist, also commended women of Kanuma for their commitment and dedication to the project, saying if they could sustain the project it would cut down the importation of rice in the country.
Tentu Manneh, President of Kanuma Farato Kafo Rice Project, thanked the investors and Star GSM for their support.
She added that government cannot do it all alone and therefore called on all and sundry to work with government in developing agriculture and ensure “we eat what we grow”.
Date: 14-Nov-2022