Harvest Festival: Smart agricultural technology demonstrated at expo

Rice accounts for about 30 percent of China's grain crops. At this year's China-Chengdu International Urban Modern Agricultural Expo, some innovative ways to grow rice were put on display. CGTN's Reporter GUO TIANQI has more.

The fertile Chengdu Plain has been known as China's "granary" since ancient times. And at this Agricultural Expo, it's also one of the exhibition areas.

GUO TIANQI Chengdu "Many smart farming devices have been displayed in this outdoor field, including this smart irrigation system, which allows people to remotely control the ups and downs of the valve and to modify the amount of water in the field."

The smart irrigation system and the mini weather stations are all solar-powered. All the data can be analyzed in real time on computers in a control room to help staff make decisions. But that's not all.

KE JIANGUO Technical Director Tianfu Agricultural Expo Park "If upland rice farming is promoted nationwide, China can increase rice production by at least 20 percent. Areas with distinct wet and dry climates, such as Southeast Asia and Africa, are also suitable for upland rice cultivation, which will greatly contribute to global food security."

Upland rice farming reduces water usage by 80 percent and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This smart farm is quite the attraction at the expo.

KE JIANGUO Technical Director Tianfu Agricultural Expo Park "This kind of on-site display of agricultural technology also has a role in popularizing science. It can help young people get interested in agriculture."

The 200-hectare farm also grows different types of soybeans, corn and vegetables to sell at the expo. GUO TIANQI, CGTN, Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

Date: 23-Sep-2022