Global Rice News
22-Feb-2018 Structural changes in Asian rice trade: Lessons for Bangladesh
20-Feb-2018 Agreement allows Filipino farmers to plant rice in PNG
19-Feb-2018 Cambodian Rice Body Faces Own Shortcomings
19-Feb-2018 Iraq makes no purchases yet in 30,000 T rice tender- trade
19-Feb-2018 Rice exports grow, but basmati lacks lustre
18-Feb-2018 On the rice
17-Feb-2018 Rice forecast remains robust
15-Feb-2018 New agency to certify rice origin
15-Feb-2018 Rising baht and falling output to curb Thai rice exports
15-Feb-2018 India’s agricultural focus must shift to environmentally sustai
14-Feb-2018 Prime minister asks for cooperation to bring down costs for rice
14-Feb-2018 Grain Market Review: Rice
13-Feb-2018 NFA set to import 250,000 MT of rice
12-Feb-2018 Philippines plans open tender, June delivery for 250,000 T rice i
10-Feb-2018 Pakistan rice export touches $1.06bn
09-Feb-2018 Hom mali price hits 5-year high on demand
08-Feb-2018 Asia Rice-Prices retreat in top exporters as demand wanes
08-Feb-2018 RICE ‘SHORTAGE’: Piñol blasts ‘robbery’ by ‘greedy’
08-Feb-2018 Rice production up by 1.65 million tons in 2017
07-Feb-2018 EU ban on Indian basmati rice Provides opportunity for Pakistan
06-Feb-2018 Vietnam’s rice paddies offer Japan’s farmers chance t
06-Feb-2018 Cheap imports force rice mills to close
06-Feb-2018 Kazakhstan stepping up rice production and exports
03-Feb-2018 New technique boosting rice production in Mwea
02-Feb-2018 Bangladesh to scrap rice imports from Thailand
01-Feb-2018 Asia Rice-Indian prices surge to over 6-yr high on steady demand,
01-Feb-2018 India Expects Rise in Basmati Exports as Iran Resumes Rice Import
30-Jan-2018 Iran lifts ban on registration for imports of rice
30-Jan-2018 8 factors which point to higher rice prices
30-Jan-2018 Basmati shipments may rise as Iran recommences rice imports
30-Jan-2018 EC lowers basmati fungicide tricyclazole’s tolerance limit to 0
26-Jan-2018 Grain gain: China’s rice exports to Africa surge
26-Jan-2018 Resilient rice project to target top two producers, China and Ind
24-Jan-2018 Amid weak prices of agri commodities, robust rice demand bucks th
23-Jan-2018 Cambodia’s premium rice gets certified
22-Jan-2018 Indonesia can only import 346,000 tons of rice
22-Jan-2018 India asks Germany to help relax new EU rice import rule
22-Jan-2018 Unifying brand name unveiled as Rice Federation addresses its fla
22-Jan-2018 Annual rice forum kicks off
21-Jan-2018 Seasonal Ban on Rice Imports to Be Lifted on Sunday
21-Jan-2018 In a first, Pakistan to export white rice to Indonesia
21-Jan-2018 Pakistan earns $881m from rice exports during July-Dec
20-Jan-2018 India to resume Basmati rice export to Iran
20-Jan-2018 Revised PTA will boost rice exports to Indonesia
20-Jan-2018 Rice exports mark 29% growth in half year
18-Jan-2018 Basmati export to Iran likely by next week
18-Jan-2018 EU curbs on fungicide use threaten basmati exports
18-Jan-2018 PH plans to import 250K tons of rice
17-Jan-2018 Auspicious start to Vietnamese rice export in 2018
16-Jan-2018 Exports can help in doubling farmers’ income: Crop Association
15-Jan-2018 Record Export of Rice
15-Jan-2018 Peak rice harvest in February, says minister
15-Jan-2018 Matco Foods looks to raise Rs758m through IPO
14-Jan-2018 2017: Rice import from Thailand drops to 23,192mt
14-Jan-2018 Indonesia to import rice from Vietnam to curb price hikes
13-Jan-2018 Uttar Pradesh clocks 250% rise in paddy procurement at 3.5 mn ton
12-Jan-2018 Gov’t Set to Import 500,000 Tons of Rice by end of January
12-Jan-2018 ‘Rice importation from Thailand has dropped by 91 per cent’
12-Jan-2018 India rice rates gain as Bangladesh keeps up purchases, Vietnam e
12-Jan-2018 ‘Exports can help in doubling Indian farmers’ income’
12-Jan-2018 Reap to acknowledge contribution of int’l buyers of Pak rice
11-Jan-2018 INFOGRAPHICS: Thailand’s rice export to Nigeria drops dramatica
10-Jan-2018 Basmati rice worth US$ 147.310mn exported in last five months
10-Jan-2018 India rice exports seen surging to record as Bangladesh boosts bu
10-Jan-2018 Thailand to export 9.5 mln tons of rice in 2018
10-Jan-2018 RDB loans $30M to boost rice purchases
09-Jan-2018 Thailand’s rice exports reach record high in 2017
09-Jan-2018 Vietnamese rice earns high export in 2017
07-Jan-2018 Delta farmers earn high profits from clean shrimp-rice cultivatio
06-Jan-2018 Indian rice exporters to gain market share: Ind-Ra
06-Jan-2018 Rice basmati extends gains on rising demand
05-Jan-2018 Iran imports 1m tons of rice in 9 months
05-Jan-2018 REAP to send trade delegation to Saudi Arabia
05-Jan-2018 Rice basmati rules firm on upsurge in demand
05-Jan-2018 CBN to make Nigeria global rice giant
04-Jan-2018 Rice: Thailand, India to lose $8m daily
03-Jan-2018 Rice basmati, wheat edge up on increased offtake
03-Jan-2018 Paddy farmers to get Rs 500 cr solution for stubble burning hazar
02-Jan-2018 Vietnam’s rice export surges in 2017
02-Jan-2018 Thriving rice sector sees hike in exports
01-Jan-2018 Nigeria to ban rice importation this year – Buhari
01-Jan-2018 Government procures 350.38 lakh tonn rice in 2017-18 season so fa
01-Jan-2018 Iranian customs bans rice imports order registration
01-Jan-2018 The rice harvest in 2017 is estimated to have reached 7.55m tonne
01-Jan-2018 S. Korea to send 10,000 tons of rice to Vietnam
30-Dec-2017 Growing discord in Malaysia’s paddy industry
29-Dec-2017 Pakistan exporting rice to over 100 countries : REAP
29-Dec-2017 Rice exports at record high in 2017
28-Dec-2017 Thailand Rice Exports to Cross a Record 11 Mln T in 2017
27-Dec-2017 Rice body chooses best paddies
25-Dec-2017 Rice exports beat low expectations in 2017
25-Dec-2017 RNT wishes all it’s readers a very warm and pleasant Merry
22-Dec-2017 Rice sector strives for recognition as industry
22-Dec-2017 Yuletide: Taming rice smuggling
21-Dec-2017 Rice basmati, wheat slide on low demand
21-Dec-2017 Rice-prices rise in India; export demand slows in Thailand
20-Dec-2017 Vietnam’s 2017 exports, imports hit record US$400bn
19-Dec-2017 Myanmar rice exports highest in 50 years in 2017-18
18-Dec-2017 VietGap standards to merit national rice brand
18-Dec-2017 Nigeria slashes rice importation burden by 65%
17-Dec-2017 Reduce pesticide residue in rice, States told
17-Dec-2017 Rice Farmers now Millionaires in Nigeria—Buhari
17-Dec-2017 Non-Basmati rice market
17-Dec-2017 Punjab govt plans to privatise market committees
15-Dec-2017 Asia Rice: India Prices Climb on Bangladesh Demand;
15-Dec-2017 Farmers rediscover organic native paddy
15-Dec-2017 Over 12m farmers join rice, wheat revolution – Buhari
14-Dec-2017 Vietnam’s rice market fares well
14-Dec-2017 Basmati mandis to be set up across J&K: Hanjura
13-Dec-2017 Long grain rice exports to Sri Lanka declining
13-Dec-2017 New forum to tackle problems in rice sector
12-Dec-2017 B1.7bn budget to cut second-crop rice output
12-Dec-2017 Thailand: Strong baht may curb rice exports
12-Dec-2017 Peruvian rice producers plea for return of import duties
11-Dec-2017 USA Rice Outlook Conference Kicks Off
09-Dec-2017 LT Foods looking to strengthen presence of Daawat in European mar
07-Dec-2017 Govt to buy 1.5 lakh tonnes of rice from India
06-Dec-2017 Bangladesh to import 200,000 tonnes rice, wheat
06-Dec-2017 New rice variety in the spotlight
05-Dec-2017 Punjab contributes 51 per cent to Centre’s paddy procurement ta
05-Dec-2017 Flood damage weighs on rice output in Thailand
05-Dec-2017 Underreporting of Rice Exports Cause for Concern
05-Dec-2017 Italy spearheads initiative to limit rice imports to the EU
04-Dec-2017 Indian rice offered lowest in Iraq’s 30,000 T tender
04-Dec-2017 In race for Basmati GI tag, Telugu states not in picture
01-Dec-2017 Rice basmati up on stockists’ buying
01-Dec-2017 LT Foods to invest $20 mn for branding, expansion in Europe
30-Nov-2017 Harmonising the rice sector
30-Nov-2017 Rice exporters to visit Sri Lanka
30-Nov-2017 Palaniswami releases new rice variety, MGR 100
29-Nov-2017 IRAN | Minister Calls for Reinstating Rice Import Ban
26-Nov-2017 Improving the position of Vietnam’s rice
23-Nov-2017 Thai rice exports hit initial 10 million tonne target, more shipm
23-Nov-2017 Koronadal LGU increases incentives for organic farmers
23-Nov-2017 Govt to buy rice from pvt importers
23-Nov-2017 India prices up as rupee gains; Thai rates climb on low supply
22-Nov-2017 USDA lowers 2017-18 global rice supply forecast
22-Nov-2017 Kohinoor Foods Ltd introduces organic products range ‘Green Gro
22-Nov-2017 GI Tag Battle: Sweet Success
22-Nov-2017 IRAN | Temporary Ban on Rice Imports Removed
22-Nov-2017 Govt to import 100,000 tons of parboiled rice
22-Nov-2017 November 22, 2017Evelyn Okakwu Bags of rice Bags of rice Related
21-Nov-2017 Rice basmati weakens on easing demand
21-Nov-2017 Portuguese rice imports increase as output declines
21-Nov-2017 South Korea buys about 118,900 tonnes rice in tender
20-Nov-2017 Vietnam revises up rice export target
20-Nov-2017 Indian rice prices rise on improved demand
20-Nov-2017 Organic fertilizer for the farmers
20-Nov-2017 Phoenix Group to set up ₹325-cr rice mill in Andhra Pradesh
19-Nov-2017 GI Registry to decide Basmati claim of Madhya Pradesh soon
17-Nov-2017 Millennials are pushing to eat healthier, eco-friendly foods: LT
17-Nov-2017 Rice exporters seek grant to sideline India in European market
17-Nov-2017 Iraq says buys 90,000 tonnes of US rice in direct deal
17-Nov-2017 Thailand extends deadline to offload 2 mln T of rice left in stoc
17-Nov-2017 Bangladesh rice agreement is still ‘valid’
16-Nov-2017 India rice prices rise on improved demand, fresh supply caps gain
16-Nov-2017 Rice sector optimistic as harvest wraps on Rumduol
16-Nov-2017 Bangladesh rice agreement is still ‘valid’
16-Nov-2017 Bangladesh Scraps Rice Deal With Cambodia Over Shipment Delay
15-Nov-2017 LT Foods Q2 net profit up 36% to Rs 36 crore
14-Nov-2017 Bangladesh scraps rice deal with Cambodia
13-Nov-2017 China-Laos rice trade has considerable potential
13-Nov-2017 Rice farmers need support
12-Nov-2017 EU to lift import restrictions on Fukushima rice, other Japanese
12-Nov-2017 Organic farming might be the answer to agricultural woes in Tamil
11-Nov-2017 Traditional seeds need to be conserved for organic farming
10-Nov-2017 India Basmati Rice Exports May Drop to 3-Year Low on New EU Rule
10-Nov-2017 Promoting rice and surgical goods exports to EU
10-Nov-2017 Egypt takes measures against rice straw burning: Environment Min
10-Nov-2017 IRRI team to be deployed to Papua New Guinea to train farmers on
10-Nov-2017 Rice exports grow as China buys lion’s share
09-Nov-2017 Cambodian rice among the world’s best three
09-Nov-2017 Cambodia beaten by Thailand in heated annual rice contest
09-Nov-2017 Thailand’s fragrant Hom Mali rice voted world’s best
09-Nov-2017 It’s official: Thai rice is the world’s best
09-Nov-2017 Cambodia’s rice export to China up 59% in 10 months
08-Nov-2017 Brazilian rice to be on display in Jeddah fair
08-Nov-2017 Vietnam posts $2.2 bn trade surplus in October
08-Nov-2017 Only innovative solutions that don’t burden farmers can end stu
08-Nov-2017 Aman output likely to fall
07-Nov-2017 Handbook to boost contract farming
06-Nov-2017 Thailand Join Forces With Alibaba In Selling Thai Rice Online
06-Nov-2017 India rice starts moving in Sri Lanka, shortages over
04-Nov-2017 SMOG | Burning rice residue, is this the reasons?
04-Nov-2017 Indian farmers behind smog in Pakistan: EPD minister
04-Nov-2017 Chinese online retailer to push jasmine rice sales
03-Nov-2017 200,000 bags of imported rice to arrive in GenSan this month
02-Nov-2017 EU sets Dec 31 deadline to adhere to new Basmati import norms
02-Nov-2017 Pakistan will join global rice seed exporters club by November-en
02-Nov-2017 Asia Rice- Thailand aims to boost exports; India rates dip on fre
02-Nov-2017 Iran issues tender to buy 30,000 tonnes rice from India: traders
02-Nov-2017 Over 5 million tonnes of rice exported in ten months
02-Nov-2017 Four varieties top national rice competition
02-Nov-2017 Rice group eyes record exports
01-Nov-2017 33 businesses to join rice export project
01-Nov-2017 Thailand’s new investment chief eager to spur ‘smart
01-Nov-2017 Surface ozone is damaging wheat and rice crops across the country
01-Nov-2017 It’s a story of rice to riches for Kerala farmer