Global Rice News
21-Nov-2017 Rice basmati weakens on easing demand
21-Nov-2017 South Korea buys about 118,900 tonnes rice in tender
20-Nov-2017 Vietnam revises up rice export target
20-Nov-2017 Indian rice prices rise on improved demand
20-Nov-2017 Organic fertilizer for the farmers
20-Nov-2017 Phoenix Group to set up ₹325-cr rice mill in Andhra Pradesh
19-Nov-2017 GI Registry to decide Basmati claim of Madhya Pradesh soon
17-Nov-2017 Millennials are pushing to eat healthier, eco-friendly foods: LT
17-Nov-2017 Rice exporters seek grant to sideline India in European market
17-Nov-2017 Iraq says buys 90,000 tonnes of US rice in direct deal
17-Nov-2017 Thailand extends deadline to offload 2 mln T of rice left in stoc
17-Nov-2017 Bangladesh rice agreement is still ‘valid’
16-Nov-2017 India rice prices rise on improved demand, fresh supply caps gain
16-Nov-2017 Rice sector optimistic as harvest wraps on Rumduol
16-Nov-2017 Bangladesh rice agreement is still ‘valid’
16-Nov-2017 Bangladesh Scraps Rice Deal With Cambodia Over Shipment Delay
15-Nov-2017 LT Foods Q2 net profit up 36% to Rs 36 crore
14-Nov-2017 Bangladesh scraps rice deal with Cambodia
13-Nov-2017 China-Laos rice trade has considerable potential
13-Nov-2017 Rice farmers need support
12-Nov-2017 EU to lift import restrictions on Fukushima rice, other Japanese
12-Nov-2017 Organic farming might be the answer to agricultural woes in Tamil
11-Nov-2017 Traditional seeds need to be conserved for organic farming
10-Nov-2017 India Basmati Rice Exports May Drop to 3-Year Low on New EU Rule
10-Nov-2017 Promoting rice and surgical goods exports to EU
10-Nov-2017 Egypt takes measures against rice straw burning: Environment Min
10-Nov-2017 IRRI team to be deployed to Papua New Guinea to train farmers on
10-Nov-2017 Rice exports grow as China buys lion’s share
09-Nov-2017 Cambodian rice among the world’s best three
09-Nov-2017 Cambodia beaten by Thailand in heated annual rice contest
09-Nov-2017 Thailand’s fragrant Hom Mali rice voted world’s best
09-Nov-2017 It’s official: Thai rice is the world’s best
09-Nov-2017 Cambodia’s rice export to China up 59% in 10 months
08-Nov-2017 Brazilian rice to be on display in Jeddah fair
08-Nov-2017 Vietnam posts $2.2 bn trade surplus in October
08-Nov-2017 Only innovative solutions that don’t burden farmers can end stu
08-Nov-2017 Aman output likely to fall
07-Nov-2017 Handbook to boost contract farming
06-Nov-2017 Thailand Join Forces With Alibaba In Selling Thai Rice Online
06-Nov-2017 India rice starts moving in Sri Lanka, shortages over
04-Nov-2017 SMOG | Burning rice residue, is this the reasons?
04-Nov-2017 Indian farmers behind smog in Pakistan: EPD minister
04-Nov-2017 Chinese online retailer to push jasmine rice sales
03-Nov-2017 200,000 bags of imported rice to arrive in GenSan this month
02-Nov-2017 EU sets Dec 31 deadline to adhere to new Basmati import norms
02-Nov-2017 Pakistan will join global rice seed exporters club by November-en
02-Nov-2017 Asia Rice- Thailand aims to boost exports; India rates dip on fre
02-Nov-2017 Iran issues tender to buy 30,000 tonnes rice from India: traders
02-Nov-2017 Over 5 million tonnes of rice exported in ten months
02-Nov-2017 Four varieties top national rice competition
02-Nov-2017 Rice group eyes record exports
01-Nov-2017 33 businesses to join rice export project
01-Nov-2017 Thailand’s new investment chief eager to spur ‘smart
01-Nov-2017 Surface ozone is damaging wheat and rice crops across the country
01-Nov-2017 It’s a story of rice to riches for Kerala farmer
31-Oct-2017 Summer-autumn crop yields 11.5 million tonnes of rice
31-Oct-2017 Paddy output unlikely to come down despite monsoon havoc
31-Oct-2017 Rice millers owe 7,500 crore to Punjab
31-Oct-2017 Sri Lanka closes 200,000 Metric Tons int’l rice tender
31-Oct-2017 India to export rice to Bangladesh
31-Oct-2017 Farm-gate price of rice continues slide
30-Oct-2017 U.S. rice production, consumption and exports projected to declin
30-Oct-2017 Farmers expect good returns on basmati
30-Oct-2017 China helps develop hybrid rice varieties
29-Oct-2017 ‘Super rice’ in sight
29-Oct-2017 Pakistan rice exports surge by 28 pct during July-Sept
28-Oct-2017 Rice basmati edges up on stockists’ buying
28-Oct-2017 Opportunity for Vietnam to export rice to Sri Lanka
28-Oct-2017 Round Table Discussion with USA Rice Chairman Brian King
28-Oct-2017 We have saved N216B on rice import alone, says BOA
28-Oct-2017 Chinese scientists created a type of rice that can grow in saltwa
27-Oct-2017 Vietnam uses remote sensing to monitor rice production
27-Oct-2017 Rice prices in India dip on rising supply; Thailand eyes Sri Lank
27-Oct-2017 Nigeria saves over $600m from local rice production
27-Oct-2017 REAP team apprises governor about exporters’ issues
26-Oct-2017 Relax EU norms, rice exporters urge Centre
25-Oct-2017 Government to reduce people’s dependency on rice
25-Oct-2017 Rice worth US$ 320.242mn exported in first quarter
25-Oct-2017 Paddy growers demand increase in support price
25-Oct-2017 Govt to buy 250,000 tonnes of rice from Thailand, local traders
25-Oct-2017 Ministry promises to reduce business barriers for rice exporters
24-Oct-2017 Why farmers remain uninformed about pesticides and their use
24-Oct-2017 Why are rice prices rising?
24-Oct-2017 Boro harvest drops 5pc to 1.8cr tonnes
24-Oct-2017 Sri Lanka floats international tender for 200,000 MT of rice
23-Oct-2017 Two Trends – One Old, One New – Shaping Rice Market i
23-Oct-2017 Foodservice Menu Seminars Yield Results in South Korea
23-Oct-2017 LT Foods & Kameda Seika to launch Kari Kari rice-based snack
23-Oct-2017 Govt’s rice procurement rises marginally to 69.89 LT so far
23-Oct-2017 Private company eyes doubling rice yield per hectare in Leyte
23-Oct-2017 Bangladesh approves purchase of 100,000t rice from India
23-Oct-2017 Sri Lanka to urgently import rice to prevent rice shortage
23-Oct-2017 Why are rice prices rising?
21-Oct-2017 Unprecedented rice output surprises Iranians
20-Oct-2017 Rice shipment: REAP rejects TDAP proposal
20-Oct-2017 Vietnam rice exporters should focus on Asian markets
20-Oct-2017 China exports drought-resistant rice farming technique
19-Oct-2017 More rice on way from India, Thailand
19-Oct-2017 Rice prices up in India, Vietnam as rains dampen crop supply
19-Oct-2017 Meeting pesticide residue challenge in basmati – by breeding fo
19-Oct-2017 Iran | 84% Rise in Rice Imports
19-Oct-2017 Rice prices up in India, Vietnam as rains dampen crop supply
18-Oct-2017 Japan Officials Visit USA Rice Amid Strong U.S. Rice Sales
18-Oct-2017 Rice basmati rises on festive demand
18-Oct-2017 The Rain Impact
18-Oct-2017 Thailand: Thai rice price up 15% this year on high demand
18-Oct-2017 Rice exports remain strong
18-Oct-2017 Inflation creeps up on rice price hike
17-Oct-2017 Myanmar to try to improve rice-export capacity
17-Oct-2017 Bangladesh to import 100,000 tons of boiled rice from India
17-Oct-2017 S. Korea’s rice output expected to fall below 4 mln-ton mar
17-Oct-2017 Rice prices expected to hold steady
16-Oct-2017 Rice registers 7.2pc more production compared to set target
16-Oct-2017 USA Rice Exhibits at the Anuga Food and Beverage Trade Show
15-Oct-2017 LT Foods sets up USD 5 mn plant in US for ready-to-heat rice
15-Oct-2017 Rice to become more expensive due to ‘disastrous’ EU
15-Oct-2017 Vietnam’s rice prices up on low supply
15-Oct-2017 Price of curry to ROCKET because of ‘disastrous’ EU rice impo
15-Oct-2017 Rice imports in 2018 to hit 1.7 MMT–USDA
14-Oct-2017 BAAC expects heavier rice losses
14-Oct-2017 Chinese seed could make country major rice producer
14-Oct-2017 “Father of Hybrid Rice” awards certificates to foreig
13-Oct-2017 Women: India’s bitter half
13-Oct-2017 Millions to go into improving nutritive value of crops
13-Oct-2017 Illegal paddy exports putting rice mills out of business
12-Oct-2017 ‘Giant rice’ explodes expected crop yields
12-Oct-2017 Bangladesh to import 1 lakh tonnes of rice from Myanmar
12-Oct-2017 Pakistan to export 100 tons of hybrid rice seed this year
11-Oct-2017 Digitalisation to secure rice farming
11-Oct-2017 New MoU on rice signed
10-Oct-2017 Iran, Pakistan to Finalize Free Trade Deal by November
10-Oct-2017 Trade Ministry distributes 75,000 tons of rice in market operatio
10-Oct-2017 Rice exports: REAP urges Kenyan government to grant preferential
10-Oct-2017 UN Environment, IRRI partner to drive climate-smart sustainable r
10-Oct-2017 Bangladesh to buy 250,000 tons of rice from Thailand, India
10-Oct-2017 Government to import 350,000 tons of rice from Myanmar, Thailand
10-Oct-2017 Amazonian farmers unlocked the secrets of wild rice domestication
07-Oct-2017 Rice production outlook in PH still favorable
07-Oct-2017 Vietnam to Begin Rice Exports to Iran
07-Oct-2017 Cambodia exports over 400,000 tonnes of rice in nine months
07-Oct-2017 “Breaking News” | Indian Basmati facing Tricyclazole
06-Oct-2017 Fake rice is fake news–NFA
06-Oct-2017 Myanmar diesel imports rise as rice exports improve
06-Oct-2017 Higher rice yields to help Punjab, Haryana offset lower acreages
06-Oct-2017 Texas rice farmers cheer as USDA says mosquito-sprayed rice can s
04-Oct-2017 Iraq’s state grain buyer is seeking 30,000 tonnes of rice o
04-Oct-2017 In a first, India to export rice to Bangladesh as neighbouring co
03-Oct-2017 ‘Daksha’ could be the answer for distressed paddy cultivators
03-Oct-2017 Eye on China
03-Oct-2017 Rice acreage is down, and yield seems to be too
03-Oct-2017 Vietnam eyes exporting rice, shrimp to Iran
03-Oct-2017 Rice prices increase by 38 per cent on production drop
02-Oct-2017 Japan ready to support Ghana in rice value chain – GRIB
02-Oct-2017 Despite Floods, Rice Crop Expected to Produce Strong Yield
02-Oct-2017 Chinese hybrid rice experts visit over 100 rice farm, fields
01-Oct-2017 Fear of losses haunts paddy growers despite expected bumper crop
01-Oct-2017 Farmers despair as virus attacks rice fields
29-Sep-2017 U.S. Rice Exhibits and Makes an Impression at Turkey’s Largest
29-Sep-2017 Rice worth $223.937m exported in two months
28-Sep-2017 Bangladesh gets offers in tender to buy 50,000 tonnes rice
28-Sep-2017 Malaysia to continue to import rice
27-Sep-2017 Former Thai PM Yingluck sentenced to five years over rice scheme
27-Sep-2017 Thailand: Cabinet approves rice support package
27-Sep-2017 Jump in Rice Imports – says Iran
26-Sep-2017 Aerobic rice cultivation to save water
26-Sep-2017 Rice exporters heavily reliant on Chinese market
25-Sep-2017 Kharif foodgrain output to fall 2.78% from last season’s record
25-Sep-2017 Guyana exports rice to Cuba for the first time in 18 years
25-Sep-2017 U.S. Could Export Rice to China for First Time, But Is It a Done
24-Sep-2017 Kharif rice output may dip by 1.9mn ton; pulses down 70000 ton
24-Sep-2017 No rice for a rainy day
23-Sep-2017 Guardians of the grain
23-Sep-2017 Rotten rice imported from Thailand
22-Sep-2017 Mars hails basmati milestone in pursuit of sustainable rice suppl
22-Sep-2017 Uncle Ben’s orders up 100 per cent sustainable rice
21-Sep-2017 Foodgrain output may drop 2.5% in Kharif season this year
21-Sep-2017 Saving paddy crop amid deficient rain hits groundwater table in P
21-Sep-2017 Govt to stock up on 900,000 tons of rice by Nov
21-Sep-2017 Bangladesh buys 50,000 tonnes rice in tender
21-Sep-2017 MP visits Mars Food’s new £23 million manufacturing lines at K
20-Sep-2017 USA Rice Retail Partnerships Result in Strong Consumer Outreach
20-Sep-2017 Myanmar to export rice to Sri Lanka
20-Sep-2017 Govt to procure 50,000 tons of rice from Thailand
20-Sep-2017 Government wants high tariff to replace rice QR
20-Sep-2017 P2.1 million in Negros rice crops lost to floods
20-Sep-2017 Rice production seen hitting 3.36 MMT in Q3
20-Sep-2017 Thailand: Ministry of Commerce holds seminar on opportunities in
19-Sep-2017 Floods in north and shortage of rainfall in southern states to af
19-Sep-2017 Rice plan focuses on value-added
19-Sep-2017 China offers help in boosting rice production
19-Sep-2017 One Grain At A Time: Celebrating National Rice Month
18-Sep-2017 “The more we produce rice, the poorer and poorer we get”
18-Sep-2017 As Bangla imports surge, rice becomes costly ABHISHEK LAW
18-Sep-2017 Bangladesh to import 100,000 tons of rice from Myanmar
18-Sep-2017 Soaring Price of Rice: Govt intervenes to stabilise market
18-Sep-2017 New ‘Dry Rice 1.5’ initiative launched
17-Sep-2017 Rice prices continue to go up
15-Sep-2017 PARC starts campaign to promote hybrid rice cultivation