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June 2024

SunRice to buy more Cambodian fragrant rice, expand Oz market

SunRice to buy more Cambodian fragrant rice, expand Oz market

Industry players are optimistic about SunRice Group’s plan to import more of Cambodia’s aromatic Jasmine rice, expanding sales in Australia and increasing Cambodia’s export opportunities.

Paul Serra, CEO of SunRice, discussed the plan during a meeting with Prime Minister Hun Manet on March 4, on the sidelines of the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit, being held from March 4-6. 

The company, a leading food importer in Australia, exports to various destinations including the US and Europe, Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern nations.

The company’s website states that their rice experts are passionate about providing delicious and nutritious rice from selected regions worldwide. 

“SunRice Cambodian Jasmine Rice is a quality-sourced, fragrant Jasmine that your family will love. Renowned for its delightful taste, fluffiness and soft mouthfeel, this classic rice variety is characterised by its long, slender grains and delicate fragrance. SunRice Cambodian Jasmine Rice is the perfect complement to your favourite dishes,” it said.

Song Saran, president and CEO of Amru Rice (Cambodia), told The Post on March 4 that Australia is a significant market for fragrant rice, offering substantial growth potential. 

“The meeting between a SunRice executive and [the prime minister] is a positive sign for our fragrant variety. Australia is a major market for aromatic rice, offering us a great opportunity to expand our exports there,” he said. 

Saran also mentioned an upcoming meeting with the importer to discuss their purchasing plans.

Last year, Amru Rice exported two out of 10 containers of its fragrant rice ordered by Australian buyers. This followed a Cambodia agrifood study tour organised by the Cambodia Australia Partnership for Resilient Economic Development (CAPRED) in early June 2023. 

“With the knowledge, experience and opportunities gained from the study tour, Amru Rice has developed a strategy and action plan. This aims to prepare for market expansion and increase the efficiency of our sustainable agricultural practices, benefiting the country, our company and the global food system,” stated the company.

According to the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF), the country’s top rice industry body, 656,323 tonnes of milled rice were exported internationally in 2023. This marked a 3% increase from 2022, generating $466 million in revenue, a 13% rise from the previous year. 

Cambodian milled rice reached 61 destinations through 63 exporters.

Exports of milled rice to mainland China and Hong Kong totalled 212,756 tonnes, valued at $138 million. Across 26 European countries, exports amounted to 264,683 tonnes, equivalent to $191 million. Seven ASEAN members received 93,376 tonnes, valued at $62 million.

Exports to 26 countries in the Middle East totalled 85,508 tonnes, worth $76 million, according to CRF data.

In addition to milled rice, Cambodia exported 4,387,363 tonnes of paddy rice, valued at approximately $1.32 billion in 2023. Of this, 64% was certified by the relevant authorities. Paddy rice exports saw an increase of around 26.5%, with their value rising by approximately 56.69% compared to 2022, according to the General Department of Customs and Excise (GDCE). QR Code

Published Date: March 4, 2024

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