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Rice exports fetch $3bn this year: minister

LAHORE: Punjab Agriculture Minister S.M. Tanvir claims that the country has earned $3 billion from the export of basmati and coarse rice this year.

He was speaking at the centennial celebrations of Kala Shah Kaku Rice Research Institute here on Thursday.

He said that Pakistan is the fourth rice exporting country in the world and the crop not only fulfills our nutritional needs but is also an important source of earning foreign exchange.

He congratulated the institute’s management on completion of 100 years of its foundation during which its scientists developed 29 varieties of paddy known for their nutritional properties and fragrance.

He said there’s a need to continue with the development of new paddy varieties in view of climate change and to prevent farmers from indiscriminately using pesticides on the crop. He said the growers should be given technical advice in this regard to increase rice exports.

The minister appealed to the farmers to avoid burning paddy residue as it creates a serious smog problem which is very dangerous for human health. He urged them to follow the guideline given by the agriculture department for the disposal of residues to avert environmental pollution.

Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Faisalabad, Chief Scientist Dr Akhtar said the scientists of Kala Shah Kaku Institute have developed 29 new varieties along with introducing the world with famous rice variety Basmati 370.

He said the Super Basmati variety developed by this institution is contributing Rs30bn per annum to the economic growth of Punjab. The institute, he said, has ISO 17025 accredited laboratories working to reduce the harmful effects of toxins on the paddy crop.

Punjab Agriculture Research Board Chief Executive Dr Abid Mehmood and Kala Shah Kaku Rice Research Institute’s Chief Scientist Syed Sultan Ali also spoke.

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Published Date: November 3, 2023

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