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May 2024

Private sector allowed to import rice within month    

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Bangladesh government asked the private sector to import 1,24,000 tonnes of rice immediately within a month aiming to further arrest the rice price in the retail market across the country, an official order issued by the Ministry of Food said on Wednesday.

A total of 50 private sector rice importers have already got the government approval to import the amount of rice which includes 91,000 tonnes of boiled and another 33,000 tonnes of non-boiled Atap rice.

‘We approved 50 private sector companies to import 1.24 lakh tonnes of boiled and non-boiled Atap rice aiming to keep stable rice prices in the retail market,’ said M Habibur Rahman Hosaini, additional secretary (procurement and supply) of the ministry.

The order was issued on Tuesday to carry on immediately to cover the gap of the upcoming Boro harvest which is likely to require a maximum of one month, said the official.

The private importers must-have marketing of these amounts of rice within May 15, according to the official order.

The importers must have to sell these amounts of rice in sacks directly in the market instead of re-packaging these goods with the imported companies.

The public sector accumulated food storage stood till last Thursday at 12,20,994 tonnes — where some 8,86,967 tonnes of rice, 3,33,197 tonnes of wheat and the remaining 797 tonnes are paddy. QR Code

Published Date: April 17, 2024

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