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Price of fine variety rice skyrocketing in Telangana

Decline in cultivation of fine variety paddy and export of rice to other states are main reasons for the shoot up of price.

Karimnagar: The price of fine variety rice is skyrocketing. People, especially the middle class are facing troubles following the abnormal hike in price of rice in the recent past. Decline in cultivation of fine variety paddy and export of rice to other states are main reasons for the shoot up of price.

A majority of the farmers are cultivating paddy as all water-bodies including tanks, ponds, reservoirs and others have been filled with plenty of water throughout the year following the completion of irrigation projects by the previous BRS government. Groundwater table has also recharged in a big way. Farmers, who used to sow other crops, have also shifted to paddy. However, a majority of them are opting for the cultivation of normal variety.

Though the previous government encouraged cultivation of fine variety, they are showing interest only in normal variety since it is less risky and more beneficial than that of fine variety. Only a few farmers are cultivating fine varieties for their consumption. After keeping some quantity for their needs, they sell the remaining rice to others. On the other hand, traders from other states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharastra are approaching Telangana farmers.

Since paddy was damaged in Andhra Pradesh due to heavy rains in last Vanakalam season, traders are not hesitating to pay a higher rate. Not only AP, traders from Karnataka and Maharashtra are also paying high amounts. Taking it as an advantage, local traders are also blocking the stocks following the price rise in the open market.

Compared to a fortnight ago, there was an abnormal hike in the price of rice. The price of quintal BPT variety rice has swelled to Rs 5,600 from Rs 4,800 a fortnight ago. Rs 6,400 is the present market rate of HMT variety, which was available at Rs 6,000 a few weeks ago. Similar is the case of Jai Sriram which is available at Rs 7,200 as against Rs 6,400 few days ago.

A year ago, BPT, HMT and Jai Sriram variety rice were available at Rs 4,800, 6,400 and 5,600 respectively.

Speaking to Telangana Today, a private employee, A Sridhar said that every year, he would purchase rice from a farmer from Bommakal village in the outskirts of Karimnagar town. Last year, he paid Rs 4,200 for quintal BPT rice (new crop). This year, farmers hiked the rate to Rs 5000. QR Code

Published Date: December 24, 2023

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