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May 2024

Pakistani scientists become successful in creating new variety of long-grain rice

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Pakistan’s agricultural scientists have achieved a remarkable milestone by successfully developing a new variety of rice known as “Golden Super Basmati” which boasts the distinction of having the longest grains ever recorded. With grains measuring 9.5 millimetres in length, this new rice variety promises to revolutionize rice cultivation in the country.

The breakthrough was made possible through the collaborative efforts of scientists at the Rice Research Institute (RRI) in Kala Shah Kaku. Their achievement surpasses the previous record set by the institute’s own PK 2021 rice variety which had grains measuring 8.26 millimetres in length.

Dr. Makhdoom Sabir, Chief Scientist at RRI explained that the institute has proposed the cultivation of two varieties of rice, Golden Super Basmati and another high-yielding variety called White Super Basmati for widespread cultivation under the auspices of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC).

According to Dr. Sabir, Golden Super Basmati is now recognized as the longest-grain basmati rice variety ever produced measuring 9.5 millimetres in length. Meanwhile, White Super Basmati also developed by the institute boasts high levels of iron and zinc making it the country’s first fortified rice variety.

In addition to these achievements, RRI Kala Shah Kaku has introduced another ground-breaking hybrid rice variety, KSK 2023 which promises a yield of 110 maunds per acre. Dr. Sabir highlighted that this hybrid variety can be harvested in just 109 days further streamlining the rice cultivation process in Pakistan.

The successful development of these new rice varieties holds significant implications for Pakistan’s agricultural sector particularly amidst rising concerns about the increasing prices of essential commodities such as wheat, sugar, pulses, rice, tomatoes and potatoes. By introducing high-yielding and nutritionally fortified rice varieties, scientists aim to address food security challenges and contribute to the country’s economic growth and prosperity.

As Pakistan continues to face agricultural challenges, innovations like the Golden Super Basmati and other high-yielding rice varieties serve as testament to the ingenuity and dedication of the country’s agricultural scientists. With their efforts, Pakistan is poised to enhance its agricultural productivity and meet the nutritional needs of its growing population. QR Code

Published Date: March 24, 2024

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