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May 2024

Padi millers, rice wholesalers asked to increase supply by 20%

PUTRAJAYA: All padi millers and rice wholesalers have been asked to increase the supply of local white rice (BPT) by 20 percent through the Local White Rice Special Programme, as one of the intervention measures to restore supply in the market, according to Agriculture and Food Security Ministry.

In a statement on Saturday (Sept 2), the ministry informed that the request had been agreed upon by padi millers and rice wholesalers in a Joint Engagement session with the North Zone Rice Manufacturers and Rice Wholesalers Industry held on Aug 27, in Alor Setar, Kedah.

“Through this BPT Special Programme, Padiberas Nasional Bhd (Bernas) will give the additional quota to bumiputra wholesalers to increase the country’s BPT supply,” said the statement.

According to the ministry, the price of BPT has remained at the controlled price of RM2.60 per kg since 2008 and it is the lowest price in the region.

For the record, Malaysia is in first place, ahead of Thailand which sells the commodity at a price of RM2.70 per kg while in Cambodia its is RM3.20 per kg.

According to the ministry, a KPKM 2024 Budget Dialogue Session with industry players and stakeholders under the rice subsector will be held at the Serdang Malaysia Agricultural Expo Park (MAEPS), Serdang on Sept 7.

The session aims to get inputs and views from industry players on methods to increase BPT production, said the ministry.

In terms of monitoring the commodity, the ministry informed that it is carried out continuously through Operation Guarantee (Op Jamin) which was introduced on July 1, with the cooperation of the Padi and Rice Authority and the Enforcement Division, Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry.

The ministry also launched Operation White Rice (Op BPT) on Aug 16, which focuses on inspection and enforcement at the level of padi millers and rice wholesalers throughout the country, according to the statement.

Any violation of the Padi and Rice Control Act 1994 (Act 522), the ministry said through the authority of the Director- General of Padi and Rice Control, the authority has the right to cancel or suspend licences that have been issued. – Bernama QR Code

Published Date: September 2, 2023

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