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May 2024

P20 per kilo of rice sold in Kadiwa stores in Antique.

SAN JOSE DE BUENAVISTA, Antique (PNA) – Vegetables, fruits, and other commodities sold at lower prices, including President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. (PBBM) rice sold at P20 per kilo, are available in 16 Kadiwa trading stores in Antique.

Engr. Israel de Guzman, general manager of the Jubilee Agila Bayanihan Agriculture Cooperative in Antique, in an interview on Friday, May 19, said 16 trading posts or Kadiwa retail stores have been established in seven municipalities of the province.

They can be found in Pandan, Libertad, Sebaste, Hamtic, Tibiao, Sibalom, and Belison with two or three stores either at the town proper or in barangays, he said.

“We first established the Kadiwa store in Pandan on March 8 this year. Mayor Tomas Estoperez Jr. was interested in opening the Kadiwa store in his hometown because of the low prices of rice and vegetables being offered by the traders to the farmers,” he said.

He said that to make the enterprise sustainable, they have come up with a scheme that an indigent can only buy two kilos of rice from the store daily so that others would also have the chance to purchase the staple food.

“We also encourage those who want to acquire the low-priced rice to first buy P100 worth of vegetables to help farmers,” he said.

Apart from selling agri-fishery products at affordable prices, he said farmers can also sell their produce at a higher rate. Farmers can now sell newly harvested palay, for instance, at P18 per kilo compared to the P15 per kilo offered by traders.

Their ampalaya produce is bought at P55 per kilo, thrice higher than the buying price of traders, and sold at P60 a kilo.

Kadiwa stores also bought onions at a maximum price of P90 per kilo and sold to buyers between P100 to P120 for every kilo.

Kadiwa is a marketing initiative of the Department of Agriculture that aims to provide a direct link between the producer and consumer, reducing intermediaries, thus farmers earn higher while fresh quality and quality products are made affordable to the consuming public. QR Code

Published Date: May 19, 2023

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