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July 2024

No increase in rice prices- Agriculture Ministry

The Ministry of Agriculture has taken note of reports suggesting increases in retail prices for parboiled rice.

Based upon the monthly market surveys conducted by the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) in various areas, it was discovered that prices for parboiled rice have remained stable over the past months.

The price for parboiled rice for the period May to June 2024 remained at $2180 per 10 kg sack, while white rice for the same period remained at $1960 per 10kg.

No increase has been noted since. Millers have also confirmed that there has been no increase, and they are working to ensure the prices remain stable.

According to the data enough rice is in the system for consumers to access.

The Ministry continues to ensure that rice remains an accessible staple food, while also supporting the economic stability of rice farmers.

The balance is crucial for sustaining the agricultural sector and meeting the needs of the population.

The Ministry believes that the reports suggesting an increase in prices may be the actions of some unscrupulous persons bent on spreading misinformation.

The Guyana Marketing Corporation will intervene to ensure that rice prices remain stable around the country.

Additionally, the Ministry, through the GRDB, will continue to monitor market prices across the country. QR Code

Published Date: July 7, 2024

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