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July 2024

Nichino America Introduces a Breakthrough Herbicide for Use in Rice in California

ZEMBU Herbicide from Nichino America, Inc. has been approved for use on rice for weed control by California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR). The U.S. EPA granted an unconditional Section 3 label for this product on August 24, 2023.

The advanced formulation of ZEMBU is powered by the active ingredient, pyraclonil, a highly effective protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPO) herbicide. Developed by Kyoyu Agri Co., Ltd., ZEMBU is specific to the California rice market, representing significant advancement in weed control technology, revolutionizing rice farming practices, and paving the way for enhanced productivity. Through partnership with Kyoyu Agri, Nichino America, Inc. was granted the rights to market and sell ZEMBU in the United States.

ZEMBU fits perfectly as the foundation herbicide when used in a program approach for season-long weed control. This unique mode-of-action chemistry targets a broad spectrum of troublesome weeds, including broadleaf weeds, sedges, and grasses. When used as the first herbicide in a program approach, the fast-acting activity of ZEMBU delivers unparalleled weed control. It eradicates weeds that compete with rice crops for essential nutrients, sunlight, and water, allowing rice plants to thrive for a higher quality crop. ZEMBU provides lasting control with a single application on day-of-seeding (DOS) or prior to seeding and offers an excellent option for weed resistance management in rice.

“We are excited to introduce ZEMBU to the rice farmers of California,” says Ian Wildey, Director of Marketing for Nichino America, Inc. “With its powerful pyraclonil-based formulation, ZEMBU provides excellent efficacy on difficult-to-control weeds, allowing rice growers to protect their crops efficiently while producing a crop with maximum yields for greater profitability,” he adds.

“Pyraclonil has a fifty percent share of rice cultivation in Japan and approximately thirty percent in South Korea,” states Masanori Sonoda, Vice President of Kyoyu Agri. “Because of the proven performance of pyraclonil on key broadleaf and grass weeds in rice, including resistant weeds, we believe California growers will benefit greatly by adding ZEMBU to their herbicide management spray programs. We appreciate the effort and support of Nichino America, Inc. for bringing this valuable product to the California rice market.” QR Code

Published Date: February 14, 2024

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