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February 2024

New rice celebrations of Xo Dang ethnic people

the Xo Dang ethnic people in the Central Highlands, and is where the villagers thank the Gods and the genies and pray to them to be blessed with a bumper crop, a full stock of rice and maize, productive animals, prosperity, and happiness.

In anticipation of the new rice celebrations, the residents of Hring village in Ea H’ding commune, Cư M’gar district, in Dak Lak province were hard at work since the early hours of the morning. Every household contributed to preparations, diligently organising traditional dishes and ceremonial offerings and adorning tall bamboo poles. As the welcoming sound of gongs echoed, people flocked to the communal house to take part in the ceremony.

Following the meticulous preparation of offerings, a village elder conducted a ceremonial ritual, expressing gratitude to the Gods while inviting spirits, ancestors, and deities to take part in the festive occasion. Following the ritual, the village elder opened a cask of traditional rice wine, inviting both local people and guests to savour the unique flavour of the local brew along with a feast of traditional dishes. The festival atmosphere was ignited by a diverse array of captivating performances.

Ea H’ding commune is home to 13 ethnic groups, with ethnic people constituting approximately 70% of the population. Over the past 30 years, the new rice celebrations of the Xo Dang have evolved into a communal festival involving various ethnic groups within the commune. It not only contributes to the preservation and promotion of traditional cultural values but also serves as a unifying thread connecting the diverse community./.


Published Date: January 2, 2024

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