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May 2024

Ministry: Rice sacks must display info including variety, weight, price

  • Ministry of Food issues directive
  • To come into effect on April 14

File image of sacks of rice. Photo: Collected

The Ministry of Food has issued a directive saying the variety of rice, weight, price, production date and manufacturer’s information must be written on rice sacks.

A directive in this regard was issued by the local procurement branch of the ministry on Wednesday.

This will be effective from April 14.

The directive states that after visiting various rice-producing districts throughout the country, the ministry found that rice produced from the same variety of paddy is being sold under different names and prices.

Millers, wholesalers and retailers blame each other when the price of rice reaches high levels or suddenly increases, it says. As a result, consumers are having difficulties purchasing desired varieties of paddy and rice at reasonable prices, and many are suffering financially.

In such circumstances, the directive says, before distributing rice from the warehouse for commercial purposes, rice millers are required to write on the bags of rice the name of the producing mill, district and upazila, date of production, mill gate price, and variety of paddy/rice.

The rice producer has to state the weight of all types of sacks and packets of rice supplied by the mill owner. The same guidelines should be followed in the case of corporate bodies. In this case, the company can specify the maximum retail price along with the mill gate price.

In case of violation, the ministry advised the authorities concerned to take necessary actions following provisions of the relevant law. QR Code

Published Date: February 21, 2024

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