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May 2024

MCTC Acts To Guard Against Rice Shortages For Seafarers

MCTC, the industry leading full catering management provider, is closely monitoring global rice markets, as concerns rise over India’s decision to impose restrictions on non-basmati rice exports.

There are growing fears that seafarers could be one of the groups to be impacted if the restrictions hamper the supply of rice into the marketplace.

India’s move to restrict non-basmati rice exports has raised questions about the stability of the rice supply chain, which plays a vital role in providing sustenance to seafarers on vessels worldwide. These restrictions have the potential to create a significant supply gap, leading to fluctuations in rice prices and affecting availability in major rice-importing countries.

Kyriacos Georgiou MCTC Director of Global Operation

Kyriacos Georgiou, MCTC Director of Global Operations, said: “MCTC understands the importance of consistent, high-quality provisions for seafarers. To address potential disruptions to the rice supply chain, we have taken several proactive steps to monitor the global rice market through a variety of data sources and market analyses.

“Our extensive worldwide network of suppliers enables us to secure a reliable supply of non-basmati rice from alternative sources. This will ensure we can deliver competitive pricing and exceptional quality, guaranteeing that seafarers continue to receive the nourishment they need while at sea,” he said.

Christian Ioannou, MCTC Group CEO, added: “Despite a challenging market, MCTC remains dedicated to ensuring that seafarers can rely on us for their essential provisions.”
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Published Date: October 11, 2023

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