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May 2024

Kerala faces another surge in rice prices; price increased by Rs 8 in 2 months

Kozhikode: The trend of a surge in rice prices continues in the state, with Ponni and Kola rice witnessing an increase of Rs 8. Despite the usual trend of falling prices during this season, Kurua and Jaya rice types continue to remain relatively expensive. Over the past two months, the cost of Ponni rice has risen by Rs 8.

In the wholesale market of Valiyangadi, Kozhikode, the current price range for Ponni rice is between Rs 47 and Rs 65. In the retail market, consumers are paying between Rs 55 and Rs 73. Additionally, the cost of Kola rice, often used for biryani, has also seen a hike of Rs 7, reaching Rs 72 per kilo in the retail market.

While it’s a season when prices are expected to decrease, varieties like Jaya and Kurua Noorjahan continue to remain at high prices. Andhra Kuruva, available in the retail market, is priced between Rs 47 and Rs 54.

The surge in prices is attributed to increased exports and farmers transitioning to more profitable rice varieties. Kerala primarily sources rice from states such as Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal. Expectations are high that prices will decrease with the harvest season in these regions. QR Code

Published Date: January 15, 2024

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