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April 2024

IRRI continues to support policy development and incentives for sustainable rice production in Cambodia

The Director General of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and his colleagues will continue to support the development of policies and incentives to promote sustainable rice production, value chain development and agriculture as well as adapting to climate change in Cambodia.

The resumption of support took place on the afternoon of November 25, 2023, when Dr Cheam Yeap, First Vice President of the National Assembly and Chairman of the Delegation, received Dr. Ajay Kohli, Director General of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and discussed work on the occasion of the First Vice President of the National Assembly, leading a Cambodian delegation to the 31st Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF-31) in Manila, Philippines.

The meeting aimed to strengthen relations and cooperation for the future, focusing on agriculture, especially rice, including the improvement of sustainable rice production systems, smart agriculture, response to climate change, post-harvest management. Genetic rice solutions for climate change adaptation, support for modern seed production technology, and additional capacity building for Cambodian rice scientists and breeders were also deliberated.

Dr. Cheam Yeap thanked IRRI for its long-term partnership with the Royal Government of Cambodia, especially with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in developing and improving Cambodia’s rice sector. The Cambodia-IRRI-Australia project aims to increase Cambodia’s rice production and productivity of its rice production system and introduces high-yield, short-term varieties.

Since 1987, IRRI has provided technical and non-technical support for seed screening and release of rice varieties for various ecosystems in Cambodia. Due in part to the introduction of high-yielding varieties and the adoption of technology, Cambodia first exported rice in 1995.

Phkar Romduol, Cambodia’s most famous rice, was selected as “the best rice in the world” at five consecutive The Rice Trader World Rice Conferences: Bali (2012), Hong Kong (2013), Phnom Penh ( 2014), Hanoi (2018), and Phuket, Thailand (2022).

In addition, IRRI assisted Cambodia in developing a national seed strategy, guidelines, seed roadmap and action plan to facilitate the production and distribution of quality seeds and identification of suitable varieties to specific areas as well as other projects. Others that are being implemented to date in collaboration with various stakeholders. QR Code

Published Date: November 27, 2023

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