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June 2024

India Gate Basmati Rice rolls out ‘Basmati Rice No Compromise’ initiative

‘Basmati Rice No Compromise’ is a public interest education and awareness initiative.

KRBL Limited‘s India Gate Basmati Rice, along with the Eat Right India initiative under the aegis of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) hosted the ‘Basmati Rice No Compromise’ public interest education and awareness initiative in Pune.

K K Jitha, Joint Director, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, Maharashtra joined the Conclave virtually and delivered her keynote address.

Speaking on the occasion G Kamala V Rao, CEO, FSSAI said, “The basmati notification released in 2023 specifies properties, such as length, expansion, aroma, colour, etc. which will help Indian basmati rice stand out amongst its competition in South Asia. All of the FSSAI’s more than 4,000 officers are committed to the surveillance of these new standards, ensuring they are followed across the country.”

Rao added, “There are many reports of adulteration in food exports, which harm both the domestic economy as well as the reputation of the country over a longer period. To fix this, the FSSAI has introduced standards for 750 products and 28 principal regulations. Rice is a critical component of trade, and regulations only help in facilitating this trade, creating wins for both producers and the exporters.”

Kunal Sharma, Associate Vice President – Marketing, KRBL Limited, said, “These regulations will undoubtedly bolster consumer confidence in the authenticity and safety of our cherished basmati rice, both within India and in the global arena”.

It is for the very first time that FSSAI has laid down identity standards for various forms of basmati tice, including brown basmati, milled basmati, parboiled brown basmati, and milled parboiled basmati. These standards, as outlined in the Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) First Amendment Regulations, 2023, and notified in the Gazette of India, signify a momentous step forward in promoting the reputation and trustworthiness of Indian basmati rice in the Indian markets. QR Code

Published Date: October 6, 2023

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