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July 2024
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Fiji imports 40,000 tonnes of rice annually

A farmer harvesting rice using the new combine harvester. Picture: SUPPLIED/FIJI GOVT

Fiji imports an average of 40,000 metric tonnes of rice annually.

While contributing to the debate in the Parliament on the Review Report of the Fiji Rice 2013-2017 Annual Report on Wednesday, Minister for Agriculture Vatimi Rayalu said Fiji mostly import rice from Asian countries with a self-sufficiency level of 17 per cent.

“Rice has progressively become a staple diet,” he said.

“It is now consumed by every household in Fiji. It has become an essential commodity that requires special attention in terms of production and development in the country.

“The Ministry of Agriculture produces close to 50 tonnes of seeds annually for distribution to farmers, which is 20 per cent of the total seed requirement for production.”

He said the Fiji Rice Ltd is working with the Ministry of Agriculture to boost the production.

“With regard to the recommendations, we are grateful that Fiji Rice Ltd now works with the Ministry of Agriculture in terms of the Ministry of Agriculture, providing agriculture statistics, which the company now uses as relevant data for their future plans and reports.

“The company must be commended for pushing for the production of brown rice, which has become a delicacy for the people of Fiji.

“I have been told that Fiji Rice Ltd is working with the Ministry of Health in terms of using brown rice as an alternative food, especially in the fight against NCDs.” QR Code

Published Date: April 2, 2023

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