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February 2024

FCI to sell extra wheat and rice in open market

The Food Corporation of India, Regional Office will sell wheat and rice in the open market through the Open Market Sale Scheme every week for price stabilisation in the market.

A press statement said the base rate for URS wheat is Rs 2125 per quintal, FAQ wheat at Rs. 2150 and FRK rice at Rs 2973 per quintal.

The FCI also said, to encourage the bidders the minimum and maximum bidding quantity per bidder has been revised to 10 MT to 250 MT for wheat and 01 MT to 2000 MT for rice

Further the bidding quantity for wheat bidders shall not exceed 50 MT for processing units with LT connection and 250 MT for processing units with HT connection.

In case connection type is not mentioned on the electricity bill then electricity connection with sanction load from 1 – 75 KVA will be considered as LT connection.

The FCI informed that a total of 14850 MT of wheat and 9410 MT rice were sold from different depots under NEF Region

For the upcoming e-auction on December 20, a quantity of 1500 MT wheat and 3000 MT rice will be offered. QR Code

Published Date: December 16, 2023

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