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Currently rice export third largest sector in country’s economy: REAP leaders

ISLAMABAD, Dec 05 (APP):Rice Export Association of Pakistan (REAP) on Tuesday said that rice export is currently the third largest sector in the country’s economy, which should be given the status of an industry.

According to the rice exporter organization, REAPs leaders, Pakistan has an export potential of rice worth $4.5 billion, which can be further improved through the use of technology and modern methods.

According to the REAP leaders, government support is necessary to increase the production of rice in Pakistan and to find new markets, which if fully available, rice export can become the largest sector in Pakistan’s economy.

Leaders of REAP in National Press Club Islamabad, including Chairman REAP Chela Ram Kelwani, Group Chairman Sindh Abdul Rahim Janu, Group Chairman Punjab Shahzad Ali Malik, Senior Vice Chairman Haseeb Ali Khan, Vice Chairman Habibur Rahman and other leaders including President National Press Club Islamabad Anwar Raza and Finance Secretary NPC Nayyar Ali expressed his views in the press conference and event in the honor of REAP delegation organized by NPC, Islamabad.

Meanwhile addressing the press conference on this occasion, REAP Chairman Chela Ram Kelwani said that despite the floods in the recent past, we have managed to achieve the annual target of $2.5 billion, which is a major success for REAP.

Chairman REAPS said that rice export is currently the third largest sector in the country’s economy, and the government is still in the process of giving industry status.

He said that 15 years ago the export of rice was $300 million, which today stands at $2.5 billion, which will be taken up to $5 billion under the patronage of the government.

Chela Ram said that Pakistan’s “Basmati” is very popular all over the world and Pakistani basmati is consumed in the markets of Southeast Asia, Europe and Central Asia.

He said that Punjab is the centre of “Basmati” and the area along the GT-road Punjabis known in the world for the cultivation of Basmati, but at present housing societies are being formed in the areas of rice cultivation.

He said that the export of rice is facing challenges like tariff increases, export issues on the seaports and Bank interest rates and high-priced electricity, which “we need government support to resolve.”

He said that we have defeated India in the European market, and now they cannot sell our rice to the world with their branding.

On this occasion, REAP leader Abdul Rahim Janu said that REAP was founded in 1989 and today it is a representative organization of major rice exporters of the country.

He said that he is doing charity work through the platform of REAP, which includes eye treatment and other medicines for poor patients.

On this occasion, REAP leader Haseeb Ali Khan said that the time is not far when the rice export sector will be the largest sector of the country’s economy.

President National Press Club, Islamabad Anwar Raza while addressing this occasion said that it is a good omen to meet the target of rice export this year 2023 and the time is not far when we will achieve the target of more than $4 billion in rice export.

He assured REAP and Rice will have the full support of the Islamabad Press Club, Islamabad and its journalists.

Meanwhile, Finance Secretary National Press Club, Nayyar Ali, said that the export of rice earns foreign exchange and this sector has a very significant role in the national economy.

Meanwhile, REAP leader Sabi-ur-Rehman said that the export of rice is playing an important role in the country’s exchange and economy. The book “The Rice Story” was also launched on the occasion. QR Code

Published Date: December 5, 2023

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