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May 2024

Centre takes special steps to check hoarding of rice and paddy

Nizamabad: In the backdrop of introducing ‘Bharat Rice’ at Rs 29 per kg. the central government plans to organise a special drive against illegal hoarding of rice.

Retail prices have not come under control despite the bumper production in 2023-24 fiscal and the government enforcing restrictions on exports. To give relief to the consumers the central government introduced Bharat Rice.

Reportedly, several wholesalers, retailers and some rice millers illegally hoard stocks of paddy and rice to create an artificial shortage in the market. As a result, there occurs a gap between demand and supply, resulting in an increase in the prices.

People are shocked over the steep rise in prices even as the paddy production in the country is higher compared to previous years.

In this context, the ministry of consumer affairs, food and public distribution issued orders to all states and UTs to keep a vigil on hoarding of rice and paddy.

A senior official of the government, Rakesh Kumar Meena, has directed all wholesale traders, retailers, big-chain retailers, processors and millers of rice and paddy to submit the stock details to the authorities by Feb 9.

As per the new rule, every Friday, traders and millers should submit/place stock positions of paddy/rice categories of broken rice, non Basmati white rice, parboiled rice, Basmati rice and paddy on the portal of GOI

Some rice millers and paddy procurement agencies allegedly misappropriated government funds by showing the stocks on paper and not in physical evidence. In Nizamabad district alone, fits 100 crore worth rice of government agencies was misappropriated. The state government has initiated an inquiry into this.

Regular uploading of stock positions on the wets portal would prevent irregularities in paddyfice stocks with the respective agencies, and help stabilise the prices, feels the central government.

However, the Modi government introduced Bharat Rice at lis 29 per kg, in 5 kg and 10 kg packs, through various channels including cooperatives retail chains and e-commerce platforms

Ahead of the parliament elections, distribution of subsidised rice of Dis 29 kg and enforcement on rice stocks would bring down the nice prices. consumers hope

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, e rice maller said that intervention of the central government would prevent the high level irregulantiss in rice business QR Code

Published Date: February 7, 2024

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