ERA makes Basmathi rice accessible to all, offers chance to win a year’s supply of Basmathi rice


ERA Bayam Kota Sdn. Bhd. (ERA), a fully owned subsidiary of Padiberas Nasional Berhad (BERNAS), wants to make high quality Basmathi rice more affordable through its ERA Sultan Basmathi brand.  To spread the word, it gave away 300 packs of Nasi Lemak Basmathi cooked with the ERA Sultan Basmathi rice and distributed 300 packs of rice to the public at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa last Saturday.

BERNAS’ Head of Brand Management and New Product Development, Farhan Hafetz said that the national dish was chosen as it binds Malaysians together regardless of race and background. “Everybody loves a wholesome pack of Nasi Lemak. Using Basmathi rice elevates the experience even further. We strive to position ourselves as the preferred rice brand by making our rice more accessible without compromising on quality, so that it can be enjoyed by every layer of society.”

“As we know, Basmathi rice offers additional health benefits such as a low Glycemic Index, high in fibre, vitamins and minerals. However, for some, the price may be out of reach. That’s where we come in with more affordable options” he said at the ‘Sultan X Rodeo Swarming Event’ on Saturday.

Frequent Basmathi rice buyer Razak Othman, 69, a recipient at the event said, “it is a good idea to have this event outdoors instead of malls because I believe it could have a wider reach this way.” Sultan X Rodeo Swarming Event visitor Nur Azira Hamdan said she showed up after finding out about it via Facebook. “This is my first time coming to such an event and I feel that it would benefit many more people if the campaign is expanded to other areas,” she said.

Meanwhile, MyRodeo Sdn. Bhd. co-founder and CEO, Valens Subramaniam, said ERA’s on-ground activation event is commendable as it brings Malaysians together. “Given the positive turnout of the public today, I am optimistic for more collaborations in the future,” he said at the event.

Today also marks the launch of ‘Sultan X Rodeo Snap & Menang’ contest which offers consumers the chance to win a year’s supply of ERA Sultan Basmathi rice. The contest, which ends by Nov. 15, 2022, requires the public to spot any Sultan X Rodeo vehicles all around Malaysia, snap photos of it and upload it on their social media pages using hashtags #BasmathiUntukSemua and #EraMerdeka65.

There will be ten (10) winners each month throughout the contest duration who will receive 5kgs of ERA Sultan Basmathi rice while one (1) Grand Prize winner will receive monthly deliveries for 12 months. Follow @EraFoodsMy on Facebook or Instagram for further info. 

Date: 22-Aug-2022