2020 -Trade Changes| Imports
  • U.S. rice imports in 2020/21 remain forecast at a near-record 37.3 million cwt., just fractionally below the 2019/20 record.
  • U.S. long-grain imports in 2020/21 remain projected at 29.5 million cwt., less than 1 percent smaller than the year-earlier record.
  • Thailand and India account for the bulk of U.S. long-grain rice imports and much of the recent strong growth.
  • Pakistan’s shipments jumped to record levels from April through July before declining slightly in August and returning to a more normal level of 2,400 pounds in September.
  • Brazil shipped 12,500 tons in August, but Brazil’s imports dropped to just 2,900 pounds in September, the smallest since April.
  • In 2020/21, China is expected to supply at least three shipments of 21,000 tons each of medium- and short-grain milled rice to Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory.
  • The 2020/21 U.S. carryin remains estimated at 28.7 million cwt., 36.1 percent below a year earlier. By class, the long-grain carryin remains estimated at 16.9 million cwt., 48 percent below a year earlier and the smallest since 2004/05. The combined medium-and short-grain carryin is estimated at 10.7 million cwt., 5 percent larger than a year earlier
Date: 14-Dec-2020