Updates Dec-2017 | World Rice Market & Trade
For 2017/18, global production is raised this month on a record crop in China. Trade is forecast higher, though still slightly below the previous year’s record. Larger imports are forecast for several African countries, while export prospects for Burma and Vietnam are raised from last month. Global stocks are raised, mostly on account of China, and are the third-largest on record. Uruguayan export quotes have risen this past month to $545/ton, reflecting pre-harvest tightening supplies in the face of a smaller crop. This has caused South American quotes to edge closer to U.S. quotes, which have remained steady at $565/ton. Meanwhile, Asian quotes have diverged in the past month with Thai quotes rising to $413/ton, reflecting a stronger baht. Both Indian and Vietnamese quotes fell to $385/ton and $391/ton, respectively. Pakistan is quoted the lowest at $375/ton.
Date: 25-Dec-2017