Selected Trade Changes for 2017
Bangladesh imports are up 100,000 tons to 800,000 on government purchases to restore supplies after a poor crop. Nigeria imports are revised up 100,000 tons to 2.2 million on trade to date. Philippines imports are raised 200,000 tons to 1.6 million based on larger government purchases to replenish tight stocks. • Sri Lanka imports are boosted 300,000 tons to 700,000 due to increased government efforts to offset the severe impact of drought on domestic production. • China exports are raised 100,000 tons to 900,000 on continuously larger shipments to Africa. • India exports are boosted 500,000 tons to 11.0 million due to higher drought-driven demand from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. • Vietnam exports are revised up 200,000 tons to 6.0 million on stronger sales within the region and a new government-to-government deal with Bangladesh.
Date: 17-Aug-2017