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23-Sep-2017 Guardians of the grain
23-Sep-2017 Rotten rice imported from Thailand
22-Sep-2017 Pakistan exports of basmati rice grew by 10.35 percent
22-Sep-2017 Mars hails basmati milestone in pursuit of sustainable rice suppl
22-Sep-2017 Uncle Ben’s orders up 100 per cent sustainable rice
21-Sep-2017 Basmati rice exports grow 32% in Q1: ICRA
21-Sep-2017 Saving paddy crop amid deficient rain hits groundwater table in P
21-Sep-2017 Govt to stock up on 900,000 tons of rice by Nov
21-Sep-2017 Bangladesh buys 50,000 tonnes rice in tender
20-Sep-2017 Myanmar to export rice to Sri Lanka
20-Sep-2017 Govt to procure 50,000 tons of rice from Thailand
19-Sep-2017 Rice basmati weakens on muted demand
19-Sep-2017 Thailand approves $2.63 bln in loans, subsidies to help rice farm
18-Sep-2017 “The more we produce rice, the poorer and poorer we get”
18-Sep-2017 Bangladesh to import 100,000 tons of rice from Myanmar
18-Sep-2017 Soaring Price of Rice: Govt intervenes to stabilise market
18-Sep-2017 New ‘Dry Rice 1.5’ initiative launched
17-Sep-2017 Rice prices continue to go up
15-Sep-2017 PARC starts campaign to promote hybrid rice cultivation
15-Sep-2017 Aranmula puncha getting ready for rice cultivation
15-Sep-2017 Tofail: Media reports on India rice import ban fabricated
15-Sep-2017 Low basmati prices worry farmers
14-Sep-2017 Thailand: Commerce Ministry pushes forward upgrade of Thai rice q
14-Sep-2017 REI Agro goes in for liquidation
14-Sep-2017 Indonesian rice miller dreams of better days
12-Sep-2017 Hybrid rice scientists from China arrives to train 30 local scien
12-Sep-2017 EU Ban Basmati Imports; Indian Consumer To Get Premium Basmati at
12-Sep-2017 Federation of European Rice Millers Meeting Presents Global Chall
11-Sep-2017 MP govt and APEDA in Basmati rice geographical indication registr
11-Sep-2017 Rice imports from Myanmar will be cheap Food minister tells parli
08-Sep-2017 Vietnam’s 2017 rice production estimated at 44.1 million tonnes
07-Sep-2017 Vietnam: Superior quality rice yields hope for Vietnamese farmers
07-Sep-2017 Rice prices jump in India; Bangladesh eyes import deal with Myanm
07-Sep-2017 Iran’s Rice Import Ban to Stay Until November 21
06-Sep-2017 Indian Organic Market To Touch $1.36 Billion By 2020: IFOAM
05-Sep-2017 Government to evaluate implementation of rice ceiling price
05-Sep-2017 Farmers across India are sowing more cotton, less oilseeds and pu
05-Sep-2017 IRAN – IRICA Sets Deadline for Rice Import Clearance
05-Sep-2017 Japonica field trials
05-Sep-2017 Thailand approves $2.2 bln rice farmer aid
04-Sep-2017 Thailand rice consumption, exports increase with government sales
02-Sep-2017 Rice mills seek removal of GST on branded rice
01-Sep-2017 Rice tops Iran’s imports
01-Sep-2017 Mauritius buys 6,000 tonnes white rice in tender from Pakistan
01-Sep-2017 Thailand approves $2.2 billion in help for rice farmers
01-Sep-2017 Madhya Pradesh basmati claims spark protest, exporters, farmers
01-Sep-2017 Iranian importers default on Indian rice deals – trade sour
31-Aug-2017 How India is paying the price of rice exports to Iran; the story
31-Aug-2017 Iraq buys 60,000 tonnes rice from Pakistan, Uruguay
31-Aug-2017 Prices drop in major exporters on weak demand
30-Aug-2017 Chinese hybrid rice to produce 18 tons per hectare record yield
29-Aug-2017 UAE issues new tax law to implement 5% VAT
29-Aug-2017 PHL imports to boost global rice trade
28-Aug-2017 Pakistani rice lowest offer in Iraq’s 30,000 T tender
28-Aug-2017 Vietnam to reform rice production, improve exports
28-Aug-2017 Bumper crop of rice expected in Sindh
28-Aug-2017 India, China jointly propose removal of US, EU farm subsidies
28-Aug-2017 Floods destroy 90,000 acres of paddy field
28-Aug-2017 Rice company set for $40 million profit
27-Aug-2017 Reasons most consumers prefer foreign rice
26-Aug-2017 Rice worth $107.896m exported in July
26-Aug-2017 Swiss Ambassador interacts with rice growers
26-Aug-2017 China’s early rice yield drops
25-Aug-2017 Govt to import 250,000t rice from Cambodia
25-Aug-2017 Food industry upset over obligatory labelling of origin of pasta
25-Aug-2017 Bangladesh issues another tender to buy 50,000 T rice
24-Aug-2017 Hybrid Rice | China, Pakistan to enhance bilateral cooperation in
24-Aug-2017 Asia Rice -Prices fall in major exporters; Bangladesh to buy from
24-Aug-2017 Rice production likely to be hit in Mysuru district
24-Aug-2017 Rice farmers , others to access Bill Gates’ $30bn agric grant
24-Aug-2017 Govt to import 500,000 tons of rice and wheat
24-Aug-2017 To manage 197 lakh tonnes padddy stubble, ‘Super SMS’ or ince
23-Aug-2017 Rice import trapped in plastic bags
23-Aug-2017 Bangladesh to import 250,000 tonnes rice from Cambodia at $453/T
23-Aug-2017 Basmati rice becomes India’s top exporting commodity
23-Aug-2017 Sri Lanka expects Yala rice harvest to be down 35-pct
22-Aug-2017 Rice crop faces further setback
22-Aug-2017 Basmati overtakes buffalo meat as top export commodity
22-Aug-2017 Iran Rice Imports at 760,000 Tons Last Year
22-Aug-2017 Despite floods, rice output forecasts unchanged
21-Aug-2017 Bangladesh rice tender draws lowest offer of $407.89/T
20-Aug-2017 Iraq seeking 30,000 tonnes of rice in purchase tender
18-Aug-2017 Rice export target set at 5.2 million tonnes in 2017
18-Aug-2017 Rice basmati goes up on increased offtake
17-Aug-2017 Red Cross to send test shipment of rice from Pakistan to stricken
17-Aug-2017 Rice import gets boost
16-Aug-2017 Rice output is estimated to be a record 110.15 million
16-Aug-2017 UPDATE 2-Bangladesh to cut duty on rice imports to cool local pri
16-Aug-2017 Bangladesh signs big rice deal
15-Aug-2017 Over 26mn ton wheat, 9.6mn ton rice to be produced in 2017-18
15-Aug-2017 Government directs support to rice farmers
13-Aug-2017 4th rice grower Bangladesh now major importer
12-Aug-2017 Rice basmati strengthens on rising demand
11-Aug-2017 Bangladesh inks 1m-tonne Thai rice deal, backs FTA
11-Aug-2017 Choosy Asians lift Japan’s rice exports to record high
11-Aug-2017 Poor rate of Basmati reduces cultivating area to half
10-Aug-2017 India. Rupee appreciation to impact Rice exports
09-Aug-2017 Timely monsoon helps India’s rice, corn crop
09-Aug-2017 Untapped Chinese Market Viewed As Potential Trade Partner For Ark
09-Aug-2017 Why Bangladesh ignores Indian rice
09-Aug-2017 Why not buy rice from Southeast Asian countries?
09-Aug-2017 Rupee rally to slow export of non-basmati rice
08-Aug-2017 The stooped labour of women rice farmers
08-Aug-2017 India rice shipments slow as stronger rupee lifts export prices
08-Aug-2017 Loans offer for rice harvest
08-Aug-2017 Vietnam bids for Bangladesh rice sale
08-Aug-2017 Iran | Growth in Rice Imports
07-Aug-2017 Rice growers pessimistic about new varieties
06-Aug-2017 Kharif crop sowing crosses 878 lakh hectare area
05-Aug-2017 Dry spell leaves paddy farmers worried
03-Aug-2017 Rice deal cooking with Bangladesh
02-Aug-2017 Thailand may export 11m tonnes of rice this year
02-Aug-2017 Bangladesh inks deal with Cambodia to buy 1m tonnes of rice
01-Aug-2017 UPDATE | Bangladesh tenders to import 50,000 tonnes of rice
01-Aug-2017 Sri Lanka prepares MoUs to purchase 155,000 MT rice
01-Aug-2017 US rice heading to China
01-Aug-2017 Rice basmati weakens on muted demand
01-Aug-2017 ‘Roll back GST on branded rice’
01-Aug-2017 Bangladesh to buy rice
01-Aug-2017 Farmer producer firms in Maharashtra, Punjab and Haryana
01-Aug-2017 India asks European Union to allow duty free exports of all basma
31-Jul-2017 BUZZ-Thailand floods: no impact on rice exports, says export body
31-Jul-2017 Tie-up for Indian rice farming in Ghana
31-Jul-2017 Demand for VN rice to be stable in Q3: VFA
30-Jul-2017 Major rice producers in recovery mode – except for U.S.
29-Jul-2017 Govt moves to buy rice from Cambodia
29-Jul-2017 Kharif sowing completed in 75% of crop area
28-Jul-2017 Muted demand drags down rice basmati prices
27-Jul-2017 Sino-Pak rice research centre opened at ICCBS
27-Jul-2017 Vietnam-Australia rice cooperation in fine shape
27-Jul-2017 Thailand freezes former PM Yingluck’s bank accounts in rice
27-Jul-2017 India and EU discuss rice exports issue
26-Jul-2017 Companies take too much profit from rice
26-Jul-2017 Carrefour Italia Commits To 100% Italian Rice Project
26-Jul-2017 2017 Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia conference ready
26-Jul-2017 US rice not ready for entering Chinese market, despite recent dea
26-Jul-2017 India discussing rice exports issue with EU: Commerce Secretary
25-Jul-2017 19 traders keen on bidding for 250,000-MT rice for PH
25-Jul-2017 Japan develops stronger appetite for US rice
25-Jul-2017 EU’s changed fungicide norms spell trouble for 6 lakh basmati f
24-Jul-2017 Why loans to farmers will not work
24-Jul-2017 Good News for Other Exporters? U.S. Makes Deal to Sell Rice to Ch
23-Jul-2017 Thailand gets urgent rice orders from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
22-Jul-2017 Iran’s total cereal production set to rise 0.9% in 2017: FAO
22-Jul-2017 Iraq expects to produce 250,000 tons of rice in 2017 season
22-Jul-2017 Grains: In restricted activity, prices of rice basmati
22-Jul-2017 Italy demands origin labels for pasta and rice
22-Jul-2017 Vietnam Consolidates Rice-Exporting Capacity
21-Jul-2017 Rice deal with India unlikely
21-Jul-2017 Vietnam exports 2.66 mln tonnes of rice in first half
21-Jul-2017 China will import American rice for the first time
20-Jul-2017 Agriculture minister says no to FTA changes on rice imports
20-Jul-2017 U.S. Rice Exports Shine in 2017
20-Jul-2017 Phoenix wins contract to supply 50,000 tonnes of rice to Banglade
19-Jul-2017 SUN Selects Riso Scotti For Consilia Private Label Rice
19-Jul-2017 ‘India Gate’ not registered; does not fall under GST
19-Jul-2017 Rice basmati remains weak on low demand
19-Jul-2017 BREAKING NEWS: Govt issues 5th tender to import rice since May
19-Jul-2017 Sri Lanka to import 100,000 MT of rice from Thailand
19-Jul-2017 State clears nearly all of rice supply
19-Jul-2017 Rice stocks rally, KRBL top gainer
19-Jul-2017 European Countries Seek Intervention On Rice Market
18-Jul-2017 APEDA invites offers for crop survey for Basmati rice estimation,
18-Jul-2017 Mandatory origin label for rice and pasta: the Italian government
17-Jul-2017 Climate change: South India may face a decline in rice yield
17-Jul-2017 Sri Lanka signs rice deal
17-Jul-2017 Second shipment of imported Vietnam rice arrives in Chittagong
17-Jul-2017 Farm production lesson: Less the government, better the trade
16-Jul-2017 Govt issues new tender to buy 50,000t rice
15-Jul-2017 Sri Lanka secures rice stocks from Pakistan and Myanmar
15-Jul-2017 Vietnam, Pakistan, Burma expected to drive 2018 global rice expor
14-Jul-2017 New EU norms likely to hit rice exports from India
14-Jul-2017 Govt blacklists 16,000 rice millers
14-Jul-2017 Rice prices fall on weak demand
13-Jul-2017 NFA wants more bidders for for 250,000 MT rice imports
13-Jul-2017 Philippines sets $451.08/tonne price ceiling for rice imports
13-Jul-2017 Pakistan could eat India’s share of basmati rice exports
13-Jul-2017 Fading aroma: Basmati’s latest challenge
12-Jul-2017 Drought threat to EU Rice
12-Jul-2017 Varanasi to have an international center for research on rice var
12-Jul-2017 Cabinet gives nod for IRRI’s regional centre in Varanasi
12-Jul-2017 Vietnam to attend Philippine rice tender
12-Jul-2017 China’s appetite driving rice export growth as demand continues
12-Jul-2017 Oxfam Signs MoU to Improve the Lives of Rice Growers in Pakistan
11-Jul-2017 Did India’s Green Revolution Strategy Take Into Account Researc
11-Jul-2017 Egypt sees rice paddy production jumping to 6.5 mln tonnes
11-Jul-2017 Vietnamese gov’t approves rice export strategy
11-Jul-2017 Pakistan agrees to provide 25,000 MT to Sri lanka
11-Jul-2017 GST impact on rice: Facing 5 pct tax impost, branded suppliers pr
11-Jul-2017 Cambodia’s milled rice exports increase
11-Jul-2017 Sri Lanka to procure 300,000MT rice from Pakistan
10-Jul-2017 Philippines To Import 250,000 Tons Of Rice
10-Jul-2017 Iran to import 1st rice cargo from Thailand after sanctions lifte
10-Jul-2017 Rice prices stay high despite imports coming through
10-Jul-2017 Lankan delegation in Pakistan to finalise export of 300,000MT of
10-Jul-2017 Sri Lankan delegation arrives in Pakistan to finalize export of 3
10-Jul-2017 Govt gets lowest offer of $430 per tonne in rice import tender
09-Jul-2017 Govt to buy more rice from Thailand, India
08-Jul-2017 Punjab’s border belt loses basmati aroma as area under sowing f
08-Jul-2017 Tk 1 rice price fall for Tk 6 duty cut